Friday, May 11, 2012

Destination Disney: 3 Favorite Resorts

Top Three Favorite Resorts... This was a hard topic for me.   I don't know if I should write my top three favorite that I want to stay in or have stayed in or both!!

If I did a list of 3 Favorite that I haven't stayed in, I would choose:
1. The Polynesian
2. Bay Lake Towers
3. The Yacht Club

If I did a list of 3 Favorite that I have stayed in, I would choose:
1. The Boardwalk
2. The Animal Kingdom Lodge
3. Port Orleans French Quarter

So instead of sticking with those two lists, I'm combining and making my TOP 3 Resorts at Walt Disney World, regardless of if I've stayed there or not!

1. The Polynesian While I have not stayed at the Poly before, I've visited several times.  We ride the monorail resort loop on each trip so I've seen it from that perspective.  I ate at 'Ohana last trip and loved it!  While we were there we walked along the beach and watched Wishes.  We also visited at Christmas one year and saw all the decorations.  While I haven't been inside a room, I was able to peek in the sliding glass doors as we strolled past the pool one night!  This is definitely top on my list for "I want to stay there!"
2. The Boardwalk I have been fortunate enough to stay at The Boardwalk in the past.  I spent a week here while I was a Vacation Club member in 1999.  I loved the decor, the size of the rooms, the proximity to Epcot and DHS and the extra things to do around the boardwalk!
3. Bay Lake Towers This is a resort I haven't even set foot in but it still tops my list of favorites!  I've seen lots of pictures and read reviews.  I also have friends who have told me stories of staying here.  The location can't be better and being able to watch Wishes from my balcony would be amazing!!  One day, I'll stay here!

What are your top three resorts at WDW?  I'd love to hear!

(Thanks Heidi for hosting this hop!!)


  1. Awesome list, Beth! We toured DVC a few years ago and got to see a "mock-up" of the Bay Lake Towers rooms and they are very nice!  Hope you get to stay there one day!

  2. Oh man Beth you know I love the Poly!  If we ever have trips that overlap and you want to see what a room looks like, you can check out mine!  :)  It's the best!