Thursday, May 3, 2012

Destination Disney: 4 Favorite Souvenirs

Shopping is not something I normally enjoy.  I'm the type who goes to the store for a purpose and hopefully leave with that "purpose" in hand.  I do not enjoy "going shopping" without an agenda or a specific thing to buy.  Call me crazy, but I just don't enjoy wandering around a store not having any idea what I may come home with.

Except when it comes to Disney!  I love meandering through the shops on Main Street and Hollywood Boulevard.  I have to visit MouseGears at Epcot, even though I've pretty much seen everything on Main Street or Hollywood Boulevard!  I think if I don't walk through each store and look at all my options, I'll miss out on something.  Maybe that's how others feel at home when they wander through the malls without a specific agenda....

So, on to my top 4 souvenirs:
1) A Disney Christmas Ornament.  I have an ornament from almost all of my "adult" trips to WDW and Disneyland.  I even have a few from the Disney store in NYC!  I love Christmas and I love Disney, so this souvenir is a way to bring those two loves together!

2) A pin to commemorate something special about the trip.  If we are there for a holiday, I always get the holiday pin.  If we attend a special event, that is the pin I purchase.  I also have a few favorite characters to remember character interactions!  Other times, I just buy the year pin to remember the trip.  But, I always buy a pin of some sort!

3) A Sweatshirt.  Odd, I know.  I love sweatshirts.  I have recently given away several to make more room in my drawers!  But, I never get rid of the WDW ones!  I think there are 5 currently...

4) Anything Toy Story... This one's for C-man!  He's obsessed.  Really.  So for my 4th souvenir, I'll make it Woody, Buzz or even Jessie to make my boy smile!  (Even though the items in this photo aren't WDW souvenirs, notice the Woody t-shirt while riding the Buzz toy!)

What is your favorite souvenir?


  1. We always do an ornament also, silhouette pictures of our girls, ear hats, a picture frame, and a magnet.

  2. I'm not much for the souvenirs, either! I spend my money on different snacks :) Yum!  But, we seem to always end up with a new plush for Noah.. and we have that same Woody t-shirt!

  3. C-man is so stinkin' cute!  Love your souvenir list!

  4. Wonderful list; I am an ornament junkie to:-)