Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo: cookie style

Originally, the idea was for me and my son to make "sombrero cookies" for me to take to the youth at church for our "Cinco de Mayo" party.  But as we started making them, I couldn't help but think of the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot and my boy trying on the different sombreros!  

Then I remembered that I saw this idea in Family Fun Magazine (A Disney publication), so I figured it would be fitting to add this to my Disney blog!

sugar cookies
canned icing
sprinkles (if I did it again, I'd use the small beady type)
gumdrops (next time, I may try the smaller ones)
ziplock bag with the corner cut off to make a "piping bag"

 1. squirt icing on the outside edge of the cookie

2. pour sprinkles on the icing

3. dump the extra sprinkles off the cookie

4. put a dollop of icing in the center of the cookie for the gumdrop to sit on
5. squish the gumdrop on the icing dollop
6. EAT! :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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