Monday, May 14, 2012

Safety Tat: Review and Giveaway

Several weeks ago I was contacted about reviewing the "SafetyTat" product.  I was able to choose which product I would review between the following: Original SafetyTat, Quick Stick Write-On!, Custom Quick Stick, or QR SafetyTat.

I chose the "Quick Stick Write-On!" product.  According to the web site, you can find "adorable Mouse, Frog, and Surf Board designs that both boys and girls love."  All you have to do is peel and stick the tattoo on your child's body and hold for 20 seconds.  Once it's on, you write your emergency contact information using the SafetyTat pen that is provided. "'Quick Stick!' Made with proprietary Tateck®, it is an ultra-durable, medical-grade, skin applique 'tattoo' with vibrant colors perfect for any skin tone."

My son (3) and I decided to test the SafetyTats together.  On Wednesday morning we chose our tattoos.  I got the mouse and he got the frog.  After we got them on our arms (we put them on the inside of our forearm) he told me to write "Mommy" on his and I wrote his name on mine.  Since we weren't really going anywhere, I didn't feel the need to write our phone number on the tattoos for our review.

I kept my tattoo on my arms for five days and C-man still has his on!  He was much more rough with his than I was!  His managed to stay on through multiple plays on the playground where his arm was covered in sweat and grime.  It stayed on through multiple baths and lotion applications.  Mine stayed on for 5 showers using bath gel, a bath "poof" and lotion.  While we didn't go swimming in the SafetyTats, I feel certain they would have survived a day in the sun and water.  I decided to take mine off on Sunday morning since I was speaking from the pulpit at church and didn't want to be sporting a tattoo on the inside of my arm!  As I said earlier, C-man is still wearing his.

I only found two downsides to this product.  After I took mine off I read on the web site that pregnant or nursing moms should not wear the SafetyTats.  Ooops.  But, this product is designed for children, so I doubt that will be a concern for 99% of the people using it!  The only real downside to this product is trying to get it off!  It felt like peeling off a crazy, sticky bandaid!  I did try to take off my sons, but he started crying when I started peeling it off and wanted me to stick it back on.  I guess we'll have to wait for it to come off on its own!  I think next time, I may try the Original SafetyTats instead of the Quick Stick Write-On for my toddler.  While I may have to reapply more often, I don't think it will hurt as much coming off.  For older kids, I don't think there will be an issue with the "taking off" process of the Quick Stick product!

I will definitely be using this product on our next vacation to Walt Disney World and I will encourage my readers and friends to do the same.  Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to those of you entering to win the giveaway!

If you are interested in ordering some for your next vacation, you can receive 10% off an order of $15 or more through the next week (March 14, 2012-March 21, 2012).  When you check out, you need to enter the following discount code: ADisneyMomsThoughts (case sensitive).

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  1. I recently discovered these. I just ordered some this week. I could use more as summer is so soon.... thenks for the opportunity!

  2. My son kept his on for almost a week before I took it off. It didn't hurt him removing it but maybe it is because it was time to take it off-- worn out a bit.... or maybe because he is so young and toddlers have so little body hair. I put his at the ankle.

  3. I discovered this several years ago, while reading a magazine at the Doctors office in 2008,  and thought it was a great idea, I could not wait to get home to check it out online.  I  ended up ordering the Original type  for a trip to Disneyland my family was planning in Feb 2009.  My girls loved them, they were so proud of them, they showed them off to everyone they could, the  they worked great, and lasted a week.