Thursday, June 14, 2012

Destination Disney: YELLOW

This week, our Destination Disney Color is YELLOW!  Thanks Heidi for the fun meme...

Pluto is Yellow.  So is Annie's hair.

The Halloween decorations wear yellow and the flowers at the entrance are also yellow.

Characters in flight and a car in the Jammin' Jungle Parade are yellow.

Don't forget the Prime Time Cafe Sign along with Pooh!

Decorations at Pop Century are yellow.

The Dumbo test elephant and the slide at the Boneyard are also yellow!

There were so many great "yellows" at all of the parks!  My favorite is Belle's ball dress, but I couldn't find a picture...


  1. Who knew so many yellow things existed at the WDW complex, huh?!

  2. Love the Hallowe'en photos!  We're hoping to go again that time next year, I would love to see the MK all pumpkin'd up!