Thursday, July 12, 2012

Destination Disney: Blue

This week's assignment from Heidi's Head, with the Destination Disney Meme, is the Color Blue!  There were so many photos I found with blue, but I'm only sharing 12 of them! :)

Sulley and Belle's dress are both blue.

Donald and Cinderella both wear blue.

Genie and Stitch are blue.

The Sorcerer's Hat is blue and the entrance to the Peoplemover (my favorite) is also blue.

The Hollywood Studios "police" wear blue and the Spaceship Earth Fastpass sign is blue.

Cupcakes have blue icing and the pressed penny albums are blue!

What's your favorite BLUE thing at Walt Disney World?


  1. I hadn't caught any of the "Destination" loops before... but I LOVE this post!  (Perhaps on accounta' blues my favorite color??)

    Very fun pix, this started my day off right.  :)

  2. What great blue pictures, Beth!  I always love your assortment of pictures! 

  3. Tami - we'd love to have you join us for the weekly posts!

  4. Nice showcase of blues Beth!  I think this one was everyone's favorite ;-0