Thursday, July 19, 2012

Destination Disney: Orange

Lots of fun ORANGE items from Walt Disney World this week as a part of Destination Disney with "Heidi's Head!"

Goofy wears orange, along with Stitch at Halloween!

Nemo is orange like Brer Fox's shirt.

Concretosaurus at Animal Kingdom is Orange like Mad Hatter's coat! 

Tigger and the Tiger are both orange.

Halloween pumpkins on Main Street are orange.

Flounder can sometimes be orange like the Grand Marnier Slushie in France.

Are Timon and Pluto orange, or gold or yellow??  Help me out! :)


  1. I think we have gold coming up in a few weeks, right?  Maybe you can re-use the last two then.  I think they could go either way.  Love all your pictures!

  2. Stitch in orange- I love it!  We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled this Halloween :D