Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's Memories: Bert

This memory isn't too old, but it's still a precious memory for me!  Last week while I was at Walt Disney World with my youth group, we were invited to have our own "meet and greet" with the characters prior to the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade at the Magic Kingdom.  We all "know" Bert from Mary Poppins and he lined it all up for us!  

We did as we were instructed: 
Meet at City Hall at 2:15.
Tell the front desk we were there.
Wait for "Bert's" manager to come get us and take us to the Car Barn.
Meet the characters!
Parade at 3:00.

We knew we were not going to have a lot of time with the characters.  Probably one big group photo with everyone- basically the "Face Characters" from the parade.  But we were STOKED!  The closer it got to 2:30... 2:40... 2:45, we worried.  Then it came.  "Bert" sent a text at 2:47 that said they all had to get on their floats and prepare for the parade.  I was sad, but understood.

Here are Bert and Mary on their float!

He sees our group and starts waving!

He's telling Mary some of our names and how he knows us!  Mary would respond with, "Oh, Hi Anna!  Hi Beth!"  It was pretty sweet!!

Bert waving "bye" to our group as the float pulls around the corner.

I hope that "Bert" will continue to work at WDW for as long as possible!  Maybe on our next trip we can try to get another "Meet and Greet" for our family!! :)

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