Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Transportation

Focused on the Magic

Friendship Boats

Main Street Trolley 


Magical Express

Sassagoula River Boat

Parking Lot Tram


  1. You're the first one I've seen to post a pic of the parking lot tram.  Points for creativity! :D

  2. Indeed, when my kids were little, I think the parking tram was their favorite ride. Could have saved myself a lot of money on admission and just ridden back and forth on the tram.

  3. What a cool collection of transportation pictures!  My favorite has always been the monorail - least fave has to be that parking lot tram.  The ones we've been on have never been that empty. 

  4. Great pictures! It always amazes me how many different forms of transportation there are to enjoy in WDW. These are my faves..except maybe the tram;) Thanks so much for joining in on the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop fun!!

  5. I love describing the diversity of transportation at Walt Disney World. It helps put the 'footprint' in perspective for first time visitors.

  6. Wow - you found a great collection!  Happy to say we've never done the parking lot tram ;)

  7. Great photos!  Our last visit to Disney was the first time that we stayed off site and had to park and use the tram.  I have to say that I was incredibly impressed at how efficiently they ran!