Thursday, August 9, 2012

Destination Disney: GREEN

Green.  Not only is it my last name, it's also one of my favorite colors!  This week's theme is all about GREEN!  Here are a few of my favorite Green things at WDW!  Thanks for the hop, Heidi.
The GREEN family! :)  (along with Mickey)

The maze hedge in the UK and Mickey's outfit in the Jammin' Jungle Parade are green. 

The "greenhouse" plants in Living with the Land and Green beans from Cap'n Jacks are green. 

The dwarfs hats and Santa's outfit are all green. 

Christmas Trees and aliens are green.

Jiminy Cricket is green and so is Buzz's outfit!

Robin Hood wears green and so does the Tree of Life!

Mike Wazowski is green and Tiana and Naveen are both wearing green.

Pete's Garage was green and so is the sign for Space Mountain.

Pumba is green when he's a topiary and so is DiVine (or is it DeVine?)!


  1. Holy cow - you found a TON of green. But the very best Green of all is YOU!

  2. Great collection of Disney in green! Love it! I am with Heidi, the best green is you!