Monday, August 6, 2012

In The Park Diaper Changing Kits

A while back I shared an idea I saw on someone's blog about "Diaper Packs" for the parks.   Basically, you: 1) put several wipes in a sandwich sized ziplock bag  2) pack a quart size ziplock bag with a diaper and the wipes pack  3) let the extra air escape the baggie and put several "diaper packs" into your bag for the day.  When it's time to change a diaper, all you have to grab is a "diaper pack" from your bag or stroller and you're set!

I thought this was a fabulous tip for parents traveling to the parks with little ones.  Then, last week while I was at WDW, I was using the restroom in Fantasyland.  For some reason I looked at the "vending machine" that sells feminine products and saw this:
A Diaper Changing Kit!!  It was $1.50 for the kit that includes 1 Pampers diaper (size 3), 2 baby wipes, 1 changing pad, 1 Purrell wipe and 1 disposable bag.  If your child wears a size 3 diaper, this is nice to know if you run out of diapers during your day at the park.  Or if you have an unlimited amount of money and don't want to fool with lugging around the "make at home diaper packs" you can just drop $1.50 each time your child needs a diaper change!

While I do like Pampers diapers better than Huggies, it seems weird that Disney would sell the Sesame Street (Pampers) diapers instead of the Mickey Mouse diapers (Huggies)!  


  1. Oh my gosh - that is weird that they are selling the Sesame Street diapers. They should sell those at Sesame Place. LOL I actually liked both brands (Pampers & Huggies) at various times for my kids. Diapers & wipes were things I never went cheap on - no generics for me!

  2. Like you we just made our own kits using zip lock bags. But it is cool that you can now buy them in the parks. I still think our name was better. We call them "Emergency Poo Packs" : )

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