Friday, September 28, 2012

Magical Blogorail Green: Keeping the Magic Alive at Home

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Living and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

This month we are sharing ways we keep Disney Magic Alive at Home. This is such a fun topic! There are so many ways we keep the magic alive between our Disney vacations. We aren't able to go to Walt Disney World as often as my middle son and I would like to, so we have to find creative ways 
to keep the magic going between trips. Here are five ways we are able to do that:

1. Watch Disney Movies or Disney Junior. We do this on a very (probably too much) regular basis. Each time a commercial comes on Disney Junior that shows any character or part of a park my son says, "Hey! We saw him/ did that at Disney World!"  
2. Look at past vacation photos. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I do have our past three trips photos in a Disney themed photo album. We often look at these pictures and my son tells me about the pictures: who is in it, what we were doing and what he likes about it. This not only keeps the magic alive, but it helps him with story telling and recalling past information.
3. Disney parties! We don't do this as much as I'd like, but we have celebrated several characters in the past- most being part of a virtual party with my Blogorail friends! We've had a Rapunzel party with Tiana, Mickey party, Minnie party and C-man's 3rd birthday was Jake and the Neverland Pirates! We are already talking about the 4th birthday... will it be Woody or Buzz?!

4. Talk about future trips. C-man is already talking about when we take Big E to Walt Disney World for the first time. While it will probably be well over a year away, we're already talking about it. C-man talks about the characters he wants Big E to meet and the rides they will ride together. I, on the other hand, are talking to daddy about how many Chase Visa points we'll have by that time and which resort we'll stay in! I am also already talking about which restaurants and snacks I want to try for the first time.  
5. Add to the bucket list. This is the best way I keep the magic alive. I read magazines, books, blogs and web sites to see what is new that I haven't tried yet! My list continues to grow with resorts to stay in, restaurants to try, new attractions to experience and characters to meet. There are parties to attend, races to run, shops to shop in and off the beaten paths to walk down. There are sports to play, waves to surf, courses to put and boats to ride. The list of things to do at Walt Disney World seems to be endless which means my bucket list will continue to grow and my need for Disney will never end!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Walt Disney World: Not Just for Kids.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:
 2nd Stop ~ The Disney Point
3rd Stop ~ Disney Living

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: E

Epcot Entertainment!
Thanks for the Hop, Deb!

Focused on the Magic






Mickey, Please Send Me A Letter. Thanks.

I've read on blogs, message boards and such that you can send a letter to Mickey Mouse, or your favorite character, at Walt Disney World or Disneyland and they will send you back a signed photo.  But, I've never tried it!  Recently, I read on a baby web site that you can send a letter or your baby's birth announcement to Mickey and he'll send you a "Happy Birthday" card signed by he and his friends (the Fab 5).  Again, I don't know if it will work, but I'm sure going to try it!

This weekend C-man and I wrote a note to Mickey and Minnie telling them about Big E's birth along with a photo of the two boys.  We are hoping to get back something from WDW or Disneyland commemorating this birth.  I think it would be a great addition to the baby book!

Here is a copy of the letter we wrote and the addresses we sent the letters to.   We sent one to Florida and one to California hoping to at least get one back! :)  I'll let you know!

September 22, 2012

Dear Mickey and Minnie,

My name is C-man and my new baby brother, Big E, was born on September 4, 2012.  I am so excited he is here!  I have been to visit you at Walt Disney World two times and can’t wait to take Big E to meet you and ride all the fun rides.

Do you think you could send him a card or photo signed to celebrate his birth?

Could I get one too?!?

Thank you.

You can mail it to our house:
C-man and Big E Green
Decatur, AL

Have a magical day!

(and Big E)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Destination Disney: Walt's Quotes

"Our Greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of our Children." ~Walter Elias Disney

These are just a few of my favorite photos from our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  I took 28 high school students to Orlando on a mission trip and we ended our week with a few days at Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney.  After spending the last 9+ years working with the youth at our church, I truly believe the above quote from Walt is accurate!  Our children's minds really are our greatest natural resource and more people need to tap into this resource, give them a chance and let them be heard.  Great quote Mr. Disney~ more reasons to love you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy Matey! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  My son's school celebrated by dressing like pirates for the day.  I don't know if the 3-4 year olds will actually be "talking" like pirates, but they sure will look like them!  

So, in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, you will get a short tutorial below from on how to speak Pirate!

Ahoy! - "Hello!"
Avast! - Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, "Whoa! Get a load of that!" which today makes it more of a "Check it out" or "No way!" or "Get off!"
Aye! - "Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."
Aye aye! - "I'll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over."
Arrr! - This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it sucked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

And of course you have to listen to Sharky and Bones teach the little ones how to "Talk Like A Pirate!"

Wordless Wednesday: Disney Food

Focused on the MagicToday's Wordless Wednesday with Focused on the Magic is all about Disney Food!  Here are a few of my many, many favorites at Walt Disney World!  Thanks Deb for hosting, again! :)

Chip & Co: Pass the Time Driving to WDW

I have a post waiting for you over at Chip & Co all about "Things to do to pass the time driving to Disney World!"  

What does your family do to pass the time on the road to Disney?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Resort Recreation

If you are staying on property at Walt Disney World, don't forget to make sure you check out the different Recreation Activities at your resort!  You should get a hand out (like this one below) when you check in, but for some reason if you don't, be sure to ask for one!  You can find the different activities and games that happen at the pool and a list of the nightly movies.  There are also details about pin and vinylmation trading, arcades, playgrounds and excursions.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday on a Sunday

At the beginning of the month, Deb at Focused on the Magic hosted her weekly "Wordless Wednesday" Blog Hop.  I was in the hospital after delivering my baby boy so I was unable to contribute.  But, the theme was "September Calendar Shot" and I couldn't miss it!  So, here is my shot for September... my precious "Big E" (even though I've shared this picture already).

"Big E" born 9-4-12 and already a Disney fan! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Destination Disney: Quotes from Walt

This week's Destination Disney with Heidi's Head is all about the above quote.  I took the photo from Heidi's blog so I could write about it. I'm assuming that was the "assignment!"  I think I'm supposed to use the quote she provided and write what I think about it... instead of posting one of my favorite quotes from Walt.  Heidi, correct me if I'm wrong and I'll do better next time! ;)

"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy."

This is one of the first signs you see as you enter Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and I believe it's also at Disneyland.  As you pass under the train tracks to enter Main Street, you can see it.  It's a beautiful reminder that you are leaving the stresses, worries and troubles of today and begin an exciting adventure inside the park where you will experience Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy!  

This is what I love about Disney.  You can transport yourself to another place.  You can experience the beauty of "yesterday" as you walk down Main Street, experience Carousel of Progress and so many other attractions.  You can get swept away in your childlike state in Fantasyland as you soar with Peter Pan, bounce with Tigger, fly with Dumbo and sing with children from all over the world.  You can see what "tomorrow" will be like as you travel overhead in the People Mover, blast through space on Space Mountain and protect yourself by becoming a space ranger!

The Magic Kingdom is the perfect park for this quote... I truly believe EVERYONE can leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy when they enter Magic Kingdom!  Thank you Walt for providing this "getaway" for so many.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

...And Then There Were Five!

The wreath for the hospital
door that should have said
"It's a boy!" but we ran out of time!
I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately.  I wish I could tell you I've spent the past 3 weeks having the time of my life at Walt Disney World, but I can't.  It's been better than that! :)

On September 4, 2012, we welcomed the newest addition to our family!  "Big E" was born at 2:55 weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long.  He has a head full of black hair and deep slate blue eyes.  He is perfect!  He's a great sleeper and decent eater.  He's already asking when he'll be able to go to WDW since his older brother C-man always talks about Disney!

The few weeks leading up to his birth were spent trying to get everything in order... then he came a week early and I wasn't ready!  I spent 4 days at the hospital, 4 days at home and then spent a few hours at work trying to get caught up so I could relax (haha!) on my maternity leave.  Hopefully being at home for the next several weeks will allow me to catch up on my blogging- I have so many thoughts running through my head... there just isn't enough time to do it all.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of my precious baby boy!

Proud big brother C-man and little brother Big E!

Enough about my family... this is a Disney Blog after all!! :)

On with the show...