Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday on a Sunday

At the beginning of the month, Deb at Focused on the Magic hosted her weekly "Wordless Wednesday" Blog Hop.  I was in the hospital after delivering my baby boy so I was unable to contribute.  But, the theme was "September Calendar Shot" and I couldn't miss it!  So, here is my shot for September... my precious "Big E" (even though I've shared this picture already).

"Big E" born 9-4-12 and already a Disney fan! :)


  1. Aw, he's just so adorable and what a beautiful calendar shot! We can't leave out Disney's newest fan! I'll try to add it to the links page:)

  2. Congratulations! And though I usually despise "decorated" babies (like they aren't adorable enough?) this works! :)

  3. Adorable! Congratulations to you guys. Have you got their first trip scheduled yet?