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Magical Blogorail- Celebrating America, Liberty Square

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One of the most interesting places in the Magic Kingdom, especially for my history nerd of a husband, is Liberty Square.  In Liberty Square, you can find three attractions: The Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents and Liberty Square Riverboat.  You can also find three restaurants: Sleepy Hollow (snacks), Liberty Tree Tavern and Columbia Harbor House.  Do you know what you won't find?  Restrooms... kinda!  Since this land is reminiscent of the Colonial Era of America, Disney imagineers tried their hardest to keep the area as realistic as possible.  So, they had to be sneaky with their restrooms since there was no indoor plumbing in the Colonial Era.  You can find restrooms in Columbia Harbor House, but they are located upstairs and technically they are in Fantasyland!  You can also find one restroom in Liberty Tree Tavern.  This restroom is upstairs and is very small.  Disney had to include a restroom in the restaurant to meet code.

While we're on the subject of restrooms, have you noticed the pavement in Liberty Square?  The brown gravely pavement represents an open sewer.  In the colonial times, people would empty their "waste" by pouring it out of the second story windows of their homes where it would collect in the middle of the roads.
There is a replica of the Liberty Bell located in Liberty Square.  In 1976, 50 replicas of the bell were made in honor of America's Bicentennial.  Each state was given one of the replicas, but Pennsylvania already had the original bell in Philadelphia.  Eventually, Walt Disney World was given Pennsylvania's replica bell to place in Liberty Square.  On July 4, 1989, the bell was moved to Florida and now Florida is the only state with two of the replica bells.

Each of the buildings in Liberty Square have a two digit number above the door.  If you add an "18" in front of the number, it shows the year that style of house would have been present.  The date over the Hall of Presidents is the year the the US Constitution was ratified.

If you pay close attention to the shutters on the windows, you will notice they are crooked.  This is due to the fact that during the Revolutionary War, the colonists needed as much metal as they could get their hands on to make bullets.  They used the metal hinges from shutters to include in the making of bullets. Then they decided to use leather, like the Pioneers did, to hang their shutters.  Over time, the leather hinges would loosen and cause the shutters to tilt.

 Outside the Liberty Tree Tavern you will find an actual Liberty Tree.  This tree supposedly weighs 38 tons and is the largest living thing in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  On the trees branches are 13 lanterns which represent the 13 original colonies in America.

Under the boughs of the original Liberty Tree in Boston in 1765, 
Patriots calling themselves “The Sons of Liberty” gathered to protest 
the imposition of the stamp act. In the years that followed, 
almost every American town had a Liberty Tree–A living symbol 
of the American freedom of speech and assembly. Our Liberty Tree 
is a Southern Live Oak, Quercus Virginiana, more than 100 years old.

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  1. Awesome post! This reminds me of the things we talked about during our Y.E.S. program last week at Disney. So fun!