Monday, November 12, 2012

A Mickey Mouse Sandwich

We often make "Mickey Sandwiches" at our house.  Several years ago, we found a cookie cutter kit at Walgreens in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  It came with a cookie cutter, Easter sprinkles, and gel icing.  While we never actually made cookies with the kit, we did use the cutter for sandwiches!    
Mickey Mouse

Last week, C-man asked for a "Goofy sandwich" instead of a Mickey sandwich.  I was stumped!  I had no clue how to make a Goofy sandwich!  Hoping he wouldn't get upset, I told him I couldn't do Goofy.  He then asked for a Minnie sandwich.  Great.  How do I do that?  He then told me to just make a bow for the Mickey Sandwich and it would turn into Minnie!  So, after searching the kitchen for something to make a bow with (that was also edible) we decided on butterscotch chips!
Minnie Mouse

What do you think?  Does it pass for Minnie?!

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