Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disney Thanks: JAG & Big E

This week's "Disney Thanks" leading up to Thanksgiving comes from my youngest and oldest boys: JAG and Big E.

While Big E has not yet been to Walt Disney World and can't even talk, he is still very thankful for things at Disney~ Baby Care Centers and naps in strollers!  That is C-man in the stroller below, but Big E is still very thankful for Disney allowing us to use our own stroller for him to sleep in!

When we were talking about what we were thankful for at Disney as a family, everyone weighed in except JAG... So, I'm answering for him!  I know he LOVES the thrill rides at all the Disney Parks, so in no particular order, here is what he is thankful for:

Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios and The Matterhorn at Disneyland.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.

Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

Next Thursday, you'll hear what my husband is thankful for...

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  1. This is adorable - I'm thankful for splash mountain too lol. looking forward to seeing what your husband is thankful for at Disney x