Friday, November 16, 2012

Master Moves Mickey Dance Party

A few weeks ago, Fisher Price sent us the new Master Moves Mickey for review.  We tried several times to have some friends over to join us for a "Dance Party," but kept running into glitches.  FINALLY we were able to enjoy a Mickey Dance Party with my nieces last weekend.  The three kids were ages 15 months, 3 years and 3 1/2 years old.  All three LOVED Mickey!  In fact, even my 2 month old enjoyed watching him dance around.

Along with Master Moves Mickey, we got four MM3 t-shirts and four MM3 "sweat towels" for when the dancing gets too intense! :)  My son, immediately LOVED MM3.  As soon as we got him out of the box, C-man was dancing around the house with him trying to copy his moves.  Speaking of moves, Mickey has 'em!  He comes programmed with 15 different dance moves that can be done in any combination.  Some of the "moves" are The Windmill, The Mouseka Mix, The Spin Cycle, The Sprinkler and The Handstand.  My son loves trying to breakdance with Mickey as he spins on his head!  Along with the funky dance moves are great beats and songs.  My son not only loves the dances, he loves the songs too.

My favorite part of this toy is obviously watching him dance!  It's amazing how he moves and changes positions so easily.  The funniest part is when he falls over.  Mickey says, "Woops!  I've over extended myself!  How about a little help?"  Or, "Uh oh!  Clean up on aisle 5.  How about a little help?"  Then after you put him back on his feet he always says, "Thanks Pal!"

I like this version of Mickey Mouse much better than Dance Star Mickey or Rock Star Mickey from years past.  I believe this will be a hit this Christmas for all kids!  If the reaction from the three at our "dance party" is how other kids will react, then everyone will want one under the tree!  

Thanks to Fisher Price for letting us play with the new Master Moves Mickey!

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