Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: President Bill Clinton

Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Disneylands Splash Mountain
Did you know President Bill Clinton is the only president in Hall of Presidents to wear a Mickey Mouse tie?  
Hall of Presidents
photo courtesy of Disney
Also, according to D23, President Clinton likes to sing Disney songs!  :)

As the nation’s 42nd president stood before a microphone and video cameras — set up to film his gestures and facial nuances for Audio-Animatronics® programming — he remarked to an assistant, “Have you seen [The Hall of Presidents]? This is a great show!” President Clinton continued into the microphone, “I feel like I should sing a Disney song. Heigh ho, heigh ho…!”


  1. Ha, never knew that. I'll have to look next time :)

  2. I never knew that! This is why I love Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia! I have learned so many fun little facts!

  3. This is one that I didn't know either! Great piece of trivia, Beth!

  4. Oh that's funny! Thanks for giving me a reason to like him, lol ;) Thanks for linking up this week!