Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Disney on Sporcle

This week I'm sharing a Disney Trivia time sucker with you!  This is an old web site, but one I've reacquainted with recently.  Sporcle is an online timed trivia game.  There are literally hundreds of games and topics to choose from.  Obviously, my favorite is the Disney section!  Here is a screen shot of the different Disney Trivia games you can play:

So, the next time you have a few minutes to kill on your computer, head over to sporcle and test your Disney knowledge!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Downtown Disney Restaurant Spring Specials

Spring gives us many reasons to visit Walt Disney World- Spring Break, Easter, Flower and Garden Festival, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, baseball spring training and MORE!  If you are lucky enough to head to the WDW Resort this year, consider dining at one of the Levy Restaurants at Downtown Disney!  Fulton's Crab House, Portobello and Wolfgang Puck Cafe all offer great family friendly restaurants with great springtime holiday menus. 

Fulton's, image from Levy Restaurants
Easter (March 31):
  • Fulton’s Crab House: Florida grouper, crispy risotto cake, fennel salad and jumbo lump blue crab with lemon beurre blanc
  • Portobello: Rack of lamb, creamy risotto, farmer’s market local vegetables and a mint sauce
  • Wolfgang Puck Café: Bourbon-glazed mahi, Tabasco butter, spring asparagus
Portobello, image from Levy Restaurants
Mother’s Day (May 12):
  • Fulton’s Crab House: American red snappergrilled goat cheese polenta, citrus and tomato relish, spring vegetables
  • Portobello: Duck leg braised in apple cider and dried cherries, sweet corn polenta
  • Wolfgang Puck Café: Honey -glazed chicken, sweet potato puree
Wolfgang Puck, image from Levy Restaurants
Father’s Day (June 16):
  • Fulton’s Crab House: Stuffed lobster tailjumbo lump blue crab cake, mango béarnaise, twice-baked potato
  • Portobello: Beef short ribs, roasted corn polenta, farmer’s market local vegetables
  • Wolfgang Puck Café: Cowboy ribeye, blue cheese, fried onions, campfire potatoes

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saving for Disney: Disney Rewards Visa

Having a very expensive "hobby", such as traveling to Walt Disney World, can wear out your wallet!  Unless you make tons of money AND have a very flexible work schedule, inherited a lot of money, won the lottery or know how to invest in this horrible economy you probably are like me and have to be creative to find ways to pay for a trip Walt Disney World!

I hope to share with you over the next few weeks, some creative and not so creative ways to help pay for and save for your Disney vacations.

This week it's the Disney Rewards Visa card.  Many of you are probably familiar with this.  Chase has a Disney Rewards Visa that earns points for Disney with every purchase.  When you spend $100 on your Visa, you earn 1% in  Disney Dream Reward Dollars.  (I just wish I could make my house payment on my Disney card!)  We use ours like a debit card.  As soon as we make a purchase on our Disney visa, we go online and transfer money from our checking account to our Disney Visa account.  That way we don't build up interest, but still earn the Disney Dollars!

You can redeem your Disney Reward Dollars towards most anything Disney: Parks, stores, resorts, movie tickets, and more.

Plus, with the Disney Rewards Visa, you have extra perks!

  • 10% off at Disney Store and Disneystore.com
  • 0% APR Vacation Financing
  • Theme Park Perks such as a special character meet and greet photo opportunities
  • Onboard credits on a Disney cruise
  • Vacation Club Financing
  • Ability to purchase Disney pins exclusively for card holders
  • Cardmember newsletters with Disney news, park info and upcoming events

Magical Blogorail Green: The Best Character Interaction Ever

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Living and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Best Character Interaction... that's pretty tough!  While my favorite characters are typically the fur (masked) characters, I love the interaction with the face characters.  Being able to carry on a real conversation with the characters is so fun.  I think the only exceptions to this rule is when I met Tweedledee & Tweedledum and Mr. Incredible.  Tweedledee & Tweedledum signed my autograph book then took my sunglasses off my head, put them on my nose and balanced the pen on top of the glasses.  When I laughed and tried to take the pen off, they put it back on.  They insisted we take the picture that way!  When I met Mr. Incredible once, we had a charades type conversation... apparently he doesn't know how many kids he has! :)

When push comes to shove, I really can't decide which character interraction is best: Snow White with JAG or Tiana and Naveen.  When we met Snow White in 2006, in Epcot.  She signed his book and had a small chat with us.  When we were saying goodbye, she addressed JAG as her prince and asked if she could kiss him (he was 5 at the time!).  Without missing a beat, he says "yes", puckers up his lips and leans in for the mouth kiss!  She laughed and said she would just kiss his cheek!

When we met Tiana and Naveen in 2010, I quickly had a new favorite prince and princess!  Maybe it's because they are southerners!!  I loved their accents and the questions Tiana asked- "Do you make you own clothes?"  "Do you like to cook?"  "Have you ever kissed a frog?"  But my favorite was when Naveen would talk, he would quickly look away every so often, even in the middle of a sentence, to ribbit!  

So there are my top 4, I guess, character interactions at WDW!  (you should know by now that I can't ever have ONE favorite or ONE best anything at Disney!)

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Walt Disney World: Not Just For Kids.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard: 

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

War Eagle, from Walt

I read an interesting story last week about a personalized Auburn Tiger playing football drawn and autographed by Walt Disney. Supposedly, it was given to “Red” Sugg , son-in-law of Auburn legend Cliff Hare, in the 1950s. The article claims it’s located in the Lovelace Athletic Museum.   But, last week when I was there we could not find this prized drawing.  :(  

Do any of my Auburn/ Disney fans know anything about this?  I'd love to know more!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dapper Day at WDW and DL Resorts

Are you familiar with Dapper Day at Walt Disney World and Disneyland?  This is new to me!  On Sunday, February 24, guests are invited to dress in their best "Dapper Attire" and mingle with other Dapper guests.  Here are the details of the meet ups throughout the day at Magic Kingdom:

3:00pm THE LIBERTY BELLE BON VOYAGE – Meet at the boat landing in Liberty Square and we’ll all board the first departure at 3pm or after for an elegant trip (or two) around The Rivers of America on this original attraction from 1971.

4:00-5:00pm ISLAND ESCAPADES – Explore jewel filled caverns, frontier forts, and other prime photo-op locations on Tom Sawyer Island. (Board the rafts near the Big Thunder Mountain. Island closes at dusk.)

7:00pm THE DAPPER DERBY - Meet at Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel for a most elegant group ride!

8:00pm-Midnight AFTER DAPPER DRINKS at two locations, the tiki-themed Tambu Lounge in Disney's Polynesian Resort (main building, Monorail level); and at Mizner's Lounge at Disney's Grand Floridian. Enjoy live jazz standards by the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra (performing until 9:40p) at this upstairs bar behind the bandstand. Top-shelf liquors, port, cognac, scotch and snacks are available.

Check out the web site (http://dapperday.com) for more details and information about what to wear, tickets and souvenirs!

Will you participate in Dapper Day 2013?

Wordless Wednesday: History

Minnie Mouse, March 1983

Alice, March 1983

Imagination, March 1983
I'm in the visor trying to "catch" the jumping water!

Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Golfing at Epcot

Did you know if you were to play golf with Spaceship Earth as your golf ball you'd have to be 2 miles tall?!  Spaceship Earth is 180 feet tall.
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Thanks for the Tiggerific Trivia hop Jodi, Mike, Heidi and Jenn!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Auburn University And Disney Work Together

All my life I've loved four things: God, my family, Auburn University and Disney.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I always love when two of my worlds collide.  When I get to take my youth to Walt Disney World, attend a youth conference at WDW, or find a fellow youth minister who loves WDW as much as I do!  This fall I realized another way two of my worlds have collided.

This past fall, despite a pitiful football season, Auburn tried their best to roll out the red carpet for their fans and to give them the best experience possible.  They also wanted to increase their customer service and have Auburn fans consider Auburn their second home.  So,  if a college wants to provide the best customer service, where do they turn?  Yep.  Disney.
Auburn's mascot, Aubie, who won Nationals at WDW in 2012
This time last year, Auburn's Athletic Department traveled to Orlando to learn from the leaders is customer service.  Disney helped Auburn turn their football game days into game weekend experiences.  Auburn wanted to welcome their fans "Home," like Disney does.  As soon as you pull up to your Disney resort, they greet you with "Welcome Home!"  That was Auburn's goal.

Last fall, throughout Auburn you would see "Welcome Home" banners around downtown and campus.  The Athletic Department provided tours of the stadium and locker room on the Friday nights prior to home games.  They also provide a free event to fans and families on campus such as a volleyball game, soccer game or an outdoor movie at the baseball field.  On Saturdays, Auburn football legends such as Bo Jackson and Carnell Williams returned to sign autographs.

Today, I'm taking my youngest boys to "The Plains" to experience an Auburn Basketball and Baseball game.  While we're there, we'll visit the bookstores, comment on how the campus has changed since we graduated, see the Heisman trophy statues, stop by Toomer's Corner for a glass of lemonade, and get one more look at the old Oak trees on the same corner that will hopefully be rolled after one of the games.

So, thank you Disney for providing the leadership to my University to help make Auburn my second, or third home!

Monsters University Toy Fair

Disney Consumer Products established university spirit at the 2013 American International Toy Fair yesterday with a collegiate-themed event complete with a marching band and featuring award-winning actor John Goodman, voice of James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, and a showcase of the hottest new toys from the Monsters University product collection.

Monsters University Product Line Highlights: 

Scare-Off Sulley (SRP $79.99, available fall 2013) is the most interactive toy in the Monsters University collection with five different modes of play and the ability to sense its environment, changing play modes automatically to match its current surroundings. Kids can interact directly with Scare Off Sulley by challenging him to a "scare off" - if they scream loud enough, he will fall backwards in fear.

The Roll-A-Scare Race Playset (SRP $19.99, available spring 2013) allows kids to utilize the Roll-A-Scare™ Monsters Assortment (SRP $6.99 each, available spring 2013) to roll, pop and scare with favorite characters from the movie. The monsters slide down the playset and as they reach the bottom they pop-up for scaring fun. Each figure is uniquely stylized and has a surprise pop-up activation that can also be activated with a Student ID card that springs the monsters open. There are 12 characters to collect in total to recreate favorite scenes from the movie.

Fisher Price will introduce a variety of toys and playsets from the Fisher-Price by Imaginext® line including the Monsters University Row Playset by Imaginext® (SRP $29.99, available spring 2013), which comes with electronics featuring character voices to relive the fun of chasing Archie the scare pig through the quad. The set comes with two figure disks that either spin the bottom floor so you can have the monsters chase Archie in circles or catapult Archie across the set, through a trap door and into his cage.

I am so excited about the new toys available with Monsters University!  Which toy(s) will you add to your Disney collection?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

iPhone App: Mouse Vault

I have to admit, I'm not a vinylmation collector.  I only have one to my name.  While I do love them, I couldn't let myself get sucked into another Disney collection!  The one I have is Santa Claus from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  He was an addition for my Santa collection.

But, after reviewing the iPhone app, Mouse Vault, I kinda wished I had started collecting vinylmations!  This app lets to view all the different vinylmation figures and check which ones you have in your collection and which ones you wish you had!  I had NO idea there were so many of these things.  I started going through the series lists and was clicking on so many to add to my wish list.  Topping my wish list is the Boston Red Sox figure along with some cute Toy Story guys! 

If you, or your kids, have a vinylmation collection, this app is perfect for you to keep track of what you have and want to have.  When you are going through the parks, all you have to do is open this app to see what you have and need.  No fumbling around with a list folded up in  your pocket or trying to remember what's on your shelves at home.  You can download the app on iTunes for $2.99.

iPhone App: Mouse Trivia

Recently, I was asked to preview the Mouse Trivia app for my iPhone.  Luckily, I already had this app and was very familiar with it.  It comes in handy while I'm waiting in carpool line or feeding the baby!

This app features over 1,300 questions about Disney movies, songs, characters, the parks and more!   My favorite part of this trivia game is being able to choose the categories in the settings.  I'm horrible with Dates & Figures, so I always leave that one off.  I'm also not good with Voice Actors, so I usually don't choose that one either.  When you play, you can choose Timed Play or Free Play.  Free play will continue forever and if you get an answer wrong, it will highlight the correct answer for you.  If you choose Timed Play, you have 60 seconds and for every 5 questions answered correctly, you get 10 added seconds.  If you get one wrong on Timed Play, you aren't told which was the correct answer.  
I personally like to play Free Play because it does show me the correct answers and I can continue to learn more Disney trivia.  When I play Timed Play and mess up, I don't learn the right answer so I can't improve my knowledge!

If you're interested in downloading this FREE app for your iPhone or iPad, visit itunes!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Big Thunder Mountain

Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Future World West Music 

I was playing funtrivia.com last week and decided to test my Walt Disney World knowledge.  One of the questions asked was:

According to cast members (employees) why should you ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad around noon?

     The lines are shorter
     The grease on the tracks is thinner and you go faster
     The employees speed up the cars
     There are no FastPasses set for noon

I had no idea what the answer was since I had never heard this before!  If the trivia game was right, the correct answer is #2: "The grease on the tracks is thinner and you go faster."  But, I did question if the was right, so I did some googling of my own!

According to Lou Mongello at WDW Radio, it's correct!  He writes, "The sun, which is at it’s highest and hottest point at noon, heats and melts the grease on the tracks of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to its thinnest point as the day wears on, and thus the train goes faster in the afternoon. The ride’s average speed it about 30 MPH, but can reach speeds of up to 33 MPH, which is faster than Space Mountain! Be sure to sit in the back of the train if you want the ride to feel even faster!"

So, there ya have it!  On your next trip, plan to ride BTMR in the afternoon on a really hot, sunny day! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grand Marnier Slush from Epcot

This is what I need today.  The last 2 times we were at Walt Disney World, I was pregnant and couldn't enjoy this treat.  If I made up a big batch, who wants to join me?!

Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush
1 part Grand Marnier, 1 part Grey Goose Vodka, 2 parts sweet and sour mix, 1 part simple syrup. Blend with ice to create your frozen cocktail. Then add a splash of orange food coloring to make it look authentic! ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chip and Co: WDW February Movie Schedules

 Are you going to Walt Disney World this month?  If so, I encourage you to spend a little extra time at your resort watching a Disney movie under the stars!  You can view the movie schedules for all the resorts over at Chip and Company!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Woody Cowboy Birthday Party

Birthday number 4 is over for my C-man.  I can't believe he's already 4!  Time flies.

This year, his birthday party was all about Woody from Toy Story.  We spent weeks looking on line, pinning images on pinterest and talking about what we wanted to do at the party.  Then about 2 weeks out, I realized we hadn't done ANY of it!  AHHHH!!!  Crazy how life gets with a 5 month old baby, 2 other boys, basketball season, a husband, a full time job and everything else!  Luckily, I have a wonderful family and great friends who helped me out with this party!  Thanks to my dad, Papa, for painting the Woody and Jessie photo ops and drawing the boot for our game.  Thanks to my mom, KK, for making the cake and cupcakes.  And a special thanks to my sweet friend DonnaKay from Disney Donna Kay for making the invitations, cupcake toppers, food tent labels and goody bag toppers!

Invite from Disney Donna Kay!

Cupcake toppers from Donna Kay.

Cake and cupcakes from KK.

Snack table complete with Jessie's Lassos (twizzlers), Woody's trail mix (peanuts, M&Ms and raisins), Sheriff Cookies (iced sugar cookies), Bullseye Snack Mix (Chex Mix), S'mores Pops, and Toy Story gummies (not pictured).

Jessie and Woody photo op!  

C-man as Woody and Papa (the artist) as Jessie!  My little Woody getting first whack at a boot pinata.  And yes, I wore my Jessie out fit from Halloween!

Pin the Tail on Bullseye- compliments of Disney's Family.com!

"Lassoing" Bullseye in the front yard!  "There's a snake in my boot" game we didn't have time to play... so we played after everyone left! ;)

The group eating cake and snacks!  Party favors (sheriff badge and buttermint cookies in bandana wrappers) with fabulous toppers made by Donna Kay!

The whole roundup gang!

C-man and Big E after the festivities.  They each wore matching Woody shirts, but Big E's Bullseye bib covered his.  Finally, KK, Papa and C-man.

Happy Birthday little man!!