Friday, February 15, 2013

Auburn University And Disney Work Together

All my life I've loved four things: God, my family, Auburn University and Disney.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I always love when two of my worlds collide.  When I get to take my youth to Walt Disney World, attend a youth conference at WDW, or find a fellow youth minister who loves WDW as much as I do!  This fall I realized another way two of my worlds have collided.

This past fall, despite a pitiful football season, Auburn tried their best to roll out the red carpet for their fans and to give them the best experience possible.  They also wanted to increase their customer service and have Auburn fans consider Auburn their second home.  So,  if a college wants to provide the best customer service, where do they turn?  Yep.  Disney.
Auburn's mascot, Aubie, who won Nationals at WDW in 2012
This time last year, Auburn's Athletic Department traveled to Orlando to learn from the leaders is customer service.  Disney helped Auburn turn their football game days into game weekend experiences.  Auburn wanted to welcome their fans "Home," like Disney does.  As soon as you pull up to your Disney resort, they greet you with "Welcome Home!"  That was Auburn's goal.

Last fall, throughout Auburn you would see "Welcome Home" banners around downtown and campus.  The Athletic Department provided tours of the stadium and locker room on the Friday nights prior to home games.  They also provide a free event to fans and families on campus such as a volleyball game, soccer game or an outdoor movie at the baseball field.  On Saturdays, Auburn football legends such as Bo Jackson and Carnell Williams returned to sign autographs.

Today, I'm taking my youngest boys to "The Plains" to experience an Auburn Basketball and Baseball game.  While we're there, we'll visit the bookstores, comment on how the campus has changed since we graduated, see the Heisman trophy statues, stop by Toomer's Corner for a glass of lemonade, and get one more look at the old Oak trees on the same corner that will hopefully be rolled after one of the games.

So, thank you Disney for providing the leadership to my University to help make Auburn my second, or third home!


  1. I'm sure I'll never see my Vandy Commadore walk across the castle walk!