Thursday, February 14, 2013

iPhone App: Mouse Trivia

Recently, I was asked to preview the Mouse Trivia app for my iPhone.  Luckily, I already had this app and was very familiar with it.  It comes in handy while I'm waiting in carpool line or feeding the baby!

This app features over 1,300 questions about Disney movies, songs, characters, the parks and more!   My favorite part of this trivia game is being able to choose the categories in the settings.  I'm horrible with Dates & Figures, so I always leave that one off.  I'm also not good with Voice Actors, so I usually don't choose that one either.  When you play, you can choose Timed Play or Free Play.  Free play will continue forever and if you get an answer wrong, it will highlight the correct answer for you.  If you choose Timed Play, you have 60 seconds and for every 5 questions answered correctly, you get 10 added seconds.  If you get one wrong on Timed Play, you aren't told which was the correct answer.  
I personally like to play Free Play because it does show me the correct answers and I can continue to learn more Disney trivia.  When I play Timed Play and mess up, I don't learn the right answer so I can't improve my knowledge!

If you're interested in downloading this FREE app for your iPhone or iPad, visit itunes!

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