Friday, February 22, 2013

Saving for Disney: Disney Rewards Visa

Having a very expensive "hobby", such as traveling to Walt Disney World, can wear out your wallet!  Unless you make tons of money AND have a very flexible work schedule, inherited a lot of money, won the lottery or know how to invest in this horrible economy you probably are like me and have to be creative to find ways to pay for a trip Walt Disney World!

I hope to share with you over the next few weeks, some creative and not so creative ways to help pay for and save for your Disney vacations.

This week it's the Disney Rewards Visa card.  Many of you are probably familiar with this.  Chase has a Disney Rewards Visa that earns points for Disney with every purchase.  When you spend $100 on your Visa, you earn 1% in  Disney Dream Reward Dollars.  (I just wish I could make my house payment on my Disney card!)  We use ours like a debit card.  As soon as we make a purchase on our Disney visa, we go online and transfer money from our checking account to our Disney Visa account.  That way we don't build up interest, but still earn the Disney Dollars!

You can redeem your Disney Reward Dollars towards most anything Disney: Parks, stores, resorts, movie tickets, and more.

Plus, with the Disney Rewards Visa, you have extra perks!

  • 10% off at Disney Store and
  • 0% APR Vacation Financing
  • Theme Park Perks such as a special character meet and greet photo opportunities
  • Onboard credits on a Disney cruise
  • Vacation Club Financing
  • Ability to purchase Disney pins exclusively for card holders
  • Cardmember newsletters with Disney news, park info and upcoming events

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  1. I love my Disney Visa card! It's totally worth having! The rewards helped pay for a big portion of our WDW trip last year after we racked up the dollars over the years. Plus the card designs are really cute! :-)