Friday, March 15, 2013

Saving for Disney: Savings Jar

I very rarely use cash to pay for things.  So, therefore I very rarely have change!  But, when I do have change, or find it in the washing machine, in the couch cushions or on the sidewalk, I keep it.  "Finders Keepers," right?  When I do have change, I don't spend it.  I stash it.  I have a bowl where I keep it all.  Once I collect enough change, guess what I do with it?

Yep, I buy a Disney Gift Card!  

While my bowl is very boring, there are many more fun, creative ways to stash your "Disney change!" You could  make your own Disney Trip Savings Jar, like the one below made by Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.  Or you could purchase a Disney themed piggy bank from the Disney Store.


How does your family store your saved cash or change for future Disney trips?

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  1. We have a very plain, old box in our laundry room ... that is the spot I find the most change! :-) I love Jodi's jar though! I may need to give ours an upgrade!