Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walt Disney World Snacks To Take Home

On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we struggled to find a souvenir for our oldest son.  He was almost 12 and "too cool" for many of the surprises we were taking back for the little boys (t-shirts, stuffed animals, toys, etc.).  So we decided that some of our favorite Disney snacks would be the best thing to take home for him.  While we couldn't take a Dole Whip or Mickey Premium Bar home, we were able to take several great Disney snacks back home.

Here are a few suggestions of great snacks to take home to loved ones... or for a little bit of Disney Magic for yourself once you return home! :)

  • Churros from Downtown Disney kiosk 
  • Mickey Caramel Apple from Main Street Confectionary 
  • Popcorn in a Main Street bucket
  • Caramel Corn from Germany
  • Fudge from Goofy's Candy Co.
  • Rice Krispy Treat from Main Street Confectionary
What treats do you like to take home?


  1. Great idea! We usually pick up something in the car but I never thought about bringing back a treat for a souvinir.

  2. Bringing home park candy and snacks has recently become my favorite way of extending our vacation a bit. My current favorite (and a fairly inexpensive item) is Peanut Brittle! :)