Monday, April 8, 2013

WDW Must Have Monday: Books

Each Monday I'm going to try to post some of my "Must Haves..." dealing with Walt Disney World: planning, vacationing, traveling, experiences, etc.

Today, I'm sharing my Must Have Books for Walt Disney World (in no particular order!).

  1. Birnbaum's Walt Disney World- I have at least 8 of these books!  Each year we go, I buy a new book.  I love to look at the pictures and see what is new from previous trips.  I also love going back to past year's trip books to see what has changed. 
  2. Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World- This is a fabulous book that is exactly what the title says- hidden magic!  For anyone who loves Walt Disney World, read this book to learn all about the secrets at Walt Disney World.  Find where the hidden Mickey's are, learn the back stories to many attractions and more! 
  3. Kingdom Keepers- This fictional series by Ridley Pearson is about a group of young teenagers who have experiences inside the parks when the parks close.  They are all easy reads that make you look at the parks in a new light!  What if this really happened!?!
  4. Mousejunkies and Mousejunkies 2- These books are written by other Disney fanatics who share their own tips, tales and tricks for planning a great WDW vacation.  These are both great reads that have offered me tips even after almost 20 trips of my own!
  5. Disney on a Dime- For a frugal girl like myself, this book has been a HIT!  I love learning how to plan and pay for a cheap Disney vacation.  This book has all sorts of tips and hints for saving money and traveling on as little as possible.
  6. Magical Mouse Schoolhouse: Learn While You Play- While I don't homeschool my children, I am a former school teacher and I LOVE to find ways to incorporate education into my Disney trips.  Jodi's book has all kinds of creative ways to bring learning into the play of Disney!
  7. Disney's Encyclopedia of Animated Characters- This book is more for my boys!  They love looking at the pictures of their favorite characters while I read the information about each one.  We also take it to the parks with us and get the characters to sign on their page!  It's great for character interaction.  
  8. The Complete Walt Disney World- While this book has great details about all the restaurants and attractions, the photos are my favorite!  I love looking at the beautiful photos throughout the book.
These are my top 8 Must Have books dealing with Walt Disney World.  What are your "Must Have" books for Disney?


  1. Disney on a Dime is a great book! I figure the farther you can stretch your dollar, the more you can take advantage of the Disney experience!

  2. I recently bought the Encyclopedia of characters for our upcoming trip to use as our autograph book.

  3. What a great list, Beth! I can't read enough about Disney!

  4. I know! And there are SOOOO many I've never read!!

  5. We love that book and it's awesome for autographs! But... have another book on hand for those characters who are too new to be in this book!

  6. I totally agree! I have my copy all marked up with a red pen! I'll save any penny I can! :)