Thursday, May 2, 2013

Epcot Center Guide Book 1986

Looking at this map two things I notice right away:
Norway is missing.
Wonders of Life Pavilion is missing... and is now "missing" again!

Communicore... I didn't visit in 1986 and I barely visit Innoventions now.  It's just a good place to cool off (IMO).

Horizons and World of Motion.  Two attractions I would LOVE to visit again. While I do love Test Track, I would like to see World of Motion again.  I would much prefer Horizons to Mission:Space.  What I would give to see the "real" Journey into Imagination again... sigh.

The Land- still my favorite pavilion!  The Living Seas- now needs some work.  I do miss Sea Base Alpha, but enjoy the recent Nemo additions for my son!

Really, not a lot has changed with the World Showcase.  Obviously Norway has been added along with a few restaurants and such, but overall it's still as awesome now as it was in 1986.

Loving the "dinner show" options at WDW in 1986!  I also still miss River Country and Discovery Island.  If you are a photographer, don't forget to check out the photo tips for your 35mm camera and always use Kodak film! ;)

What do you miss from 1986 at Epcot Center?


  1. Ah this is so awesome!!

  2. This is great! I'd love to ride Horizons and World of Motion again too! I barely remember Horizons and I don't really remember World of Motion. Love that photo of Figment and the Dreamfinder!

  3. Thanks for sharing! What I miss most is my grandfather - He would take each of his grandchildren to a Disney park one day a year and let us do whatever we wanted all day. If I could relive one day, I'd spend the day at 1980's EPCOT with him!