Friday, May 24, 2013

Saving at Disney: Souvenirs from Home

I'm almost certain I've shared this tip multiple times here on my blog!  This is one thing I love to do!  For months leading up to our trip, I always have my eyes open to ANYTHING with Disney on it.  At grocery stores, dollar stores, drug stores, "big box" stores, convenient stores, book stores, and more, I'm looking for treats, trinkets, candy and gifts for my family that are Disney related.   I buy these items and hide them in my closet.  As we get ready to leave for Disney, I give my boys a bag for the car or plane that has Disney (and non Disney) items to help keep them entertained.  When we get to Disney I also have surprises waiting for them. Sometimes I put them in Disney themed party favor bags and give them one each morning before we go to a park.  At other times, I've been the last person to leave our room and I leave them by the bed for the boys to find when we return to the room.  Either way it's fun! AND it helps us save money in the parks on souvenirs.

Here is a list of things I've found in the past for my boys before ever getting to WDW:

  • T-shirts
  • bubbles
  • cookies
  • candy
  • washcloths
  • stuffed animals
  • stickers
  • silly bandz 
  • squinkies
  • notebooks
  • crayons
  • mad libs
  • coloring books
  • bandaids
  • sunglasses
  • lanyards
  • glow sticks

Walgreens drugstore is probably one of my favorite places to find cheap souvenirs or treats- check out the seasonal section as well as the toys.   Another good place to look is party supply stores.  You can find the section with your child's favorite Disney character and load up on fun cheap souvenirs.  Don't forget to check the dollar bins at the front of Target stores!

What special treats have you found prior to your Disney vacation?

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