Monday, May 20, 2013

WDW Must Have Monday: Backpack Items

There are three different types of people who go to the parks~
1- The minimalist.  No need to go to bag check, because there is no bag.  Sunglasses, phone, ticket, money.  Done.
2- The moderate.  Some moderates will carry a purse, fanny pack or small bag, so bag check may be necessary.  Other moderates may wear cargo shorts or a vest with multiple pockets eliminating the need for bag check.
3- The "overkiller."  Bag check is a must!  This guest has thought of everything and is ready to take on the day.  This is where I tend to fall!

So, being the "overkiller," here is my list of backpack items for a day at a Disney Park with my family. If I were traveling alone, I would not carry this much! :)

1. Small flashlight for dark rides on a keychain
2. Chap stick
3. Sun block (travel size)
4. Hand sanitizer (travel size that hangs on a zipper)
5. Autograph book
6. Fat pen for autographs, or sharpie, but not green!
7. Safety pins
8. Penny album
9. Quarters and pennies in an M&M tube for penny squishing
10. Water bottle & powder drink mix
11. Candy and gum
12. Snacks
13. ponchos
14. camera and stuff
15. sunglasses
16. cell phone
17. glow sticks
18. trading pins/ lanyards
19. Disney World Bingo game w/ wipe off markers
20. mini fan
21. kleenex
22. guidebook & park maps
23. mini bugspray
24. anything a toddler or baby would need (diapers, sippy cup, snacks, change of clothes, etc)

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  1. I'm definitely the "overkiller" to the nth degree!!! You get it from me. And... I always have a towel for the wet rides or rain, Clorox wipes for the nasty tables in the counter service places, and wet ones to wipe off sticky hands and faces. Other than that, I think you have everything covered!!