Monday, May 27, 2013

WDW Must Have Monday: Car Ride Items

Last Friday, I shared my "Saving at Disney" tip for buying treats and souvenirs at home before getting to Disney.  Many of the treats I buy prior to our trip are actually used in the car to keep my boys entertained.  Below is a list of items we always have in the car and are easily accessible!

  1. A way to watch movies: DVD player, Kindle, iPad or iPhone.  And the movies must be Disney!
  2. Headphones for the player if one kid is sleeping.
  3. Blanket and pillow for each kid.
  4. Snacks and Drinks.
  5. Candy and Gum.
  6. Kleenex and Wet Wipes.
  7. Small toys.
  8. Notebooks, crayons, pencils and markers.
  9. Stickers.
  10. Books.
  11. CD or iPod playlist with Disney songs.
  12. Stuffed animal, blankie or passy- depending on the son!
  13. Planning Guide, notes, notebook (all for mom!)
  14. Camera.
  15. Map, GPS or smart phone for directions.
What does your family have to have in the car as you travel to Disney?

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