Monday, May 13, 2013

WDW Must Have Monday: Disney Trivia, Games and More for Your iPhone

There are so many apps for your iPhone these days.  I honestly think you could find an app for anything and each day new apps are being released!  My phone is filled with various apps related to Disney.  Last week I shared some of my favorites for planning a trip to WDW.  Today I'll share some of my favorites along with my 4 year old son's favorites.  Please comment with your favorite Disney games, tips, trivia, etc apps.  I'm always looking for new ones! 

My favorites:
WDW Trivia- This is a great app for Disney fans from Orlando Attractions Magazine.  You can choose to play Magic Mode, Time Trial or Free Play.  With Magic Mode, you are asked trivia questions about the WDW resort until you get one wrong- then the game is over.  Time Trial means you have 90 seconds to answer as many as possible.  When you play Free Play, you can start and stop the questions when you feel like doing so.

Mouse Trivia  I have reviewed this app before and love it!  You can choose timed or free play to answer over 1,300 questions about Disney movies, songs, characters, parks and more.  YOu can even choose which categories you want featured in your game.

Where in WDW? This app shows you a photo of a location in the Magic Kingdom at WDW. First you choose the land, then the attraction or restaurant.  The faster you answer, the more points you earn.  When you get three strikes, your game is over. 

WDW Daily Tips- I reviewed this app in the past too.  This is a great app to help you plan your vacation.  You will get daily tips sent to your phone that can help you prepare.  Or you can search past tips in the following categories: General, Attractions, Restaurants, Shows, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Water Parks, Trivia, Did you know and Tips.  

Disneyland Secrets-  I have not been able to use this tip "live" before, but I think it would be a great addition to traveling to Disneyland.  You can see over 110 secrets of the Disneyland Park organized by lands.  When you approach a new land inside the park, open your app and read about the different secrets!  I'd love to see this for WDW!

Main Street Windows- Similar to the Disneyland Secrets, this app will walk you through the windows on Main Street at Walt Disney World.  There are three different tours on this app- with photos, without photos and a search game.  I can't wait to use this on our next WDW trip to learn more about the windows on Main Street!

My 4 year old's favorites:
Disney Jr Appisodes- This is the newest to our app collection.  My son loves interacting with the different Disney Jr episodes on my phone.  He will be yelling at the phone when Mickey tells him to do something to help with the "appisode!"  He continuously asks me to give my phone more money so we can download new appisodes to play.

Jake's Pirate School- What 4 year old boy doesn't love Jake and the Never Land Pirates?  This app has great animation and music to help you learn to be a pirate- sail a pirate boat, take band lessons, learn to fly like a fairy, and learn to use a spyglass!  Earn badges to complete your pirate school.

Watch Disney Jr.- Exactly what it sounds like- watch your favorite Disney Jr cartoons.  This is only used when we have wifi!  You can watch Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Octonauts, & Little Einsteins.

Fix-It Felix Jr!- This is a fun game exactly like the video game on Wreck It Ralph.  My son and I both like this one.  It takes me back to my Atari 2600 days.  :)

Toy Story Memory Game  This is a great memory game for my little one.  He loves to play the timed challenge.  You can choose easy, medium or hard and timed or free play. 

Disney Story   This is a new app I just learned about this weekend called Disney Story.  I have it downloaded, but haven't actually played with it much.  It provides you with a place to tell your story through pictures and videos on your phone.  This would be great to use after your WDW vacations.  It will group your photos in your iPhone into categories based on when and where the photos were taken, or you can create you own story board.  Once you're finished you can email or post to facebook your story.

ESPN Score Center  Some might think this is a stretch, but Disney does own EPSN now!  I love my ESPN app to help me keep up with the scores and news of my favorite college and professional sports teams!

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