Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Instead of Dumbo...

My son loves Dumbo.  If you ask him his favorite ride at Walt Disney World, he'll most likely say Dumbo, or Peter Pan!  But, sometimes the lines for Dumbo can be crazy long (even with the new Dumbo that has 2 rides) and you don't have time to wait.  If that is the case, consider riding a similar, if not better ride in other lands of the Magic Kingdom.

In Tomorroland, you can take the elevator to Astro Orbiter, which is above the entrance to the Peoplemover.  Astro Orbiter is the same concept as Dumbo.  You sit in a rocket that goes around in circles and you can control when the rocket rises up and falls down.  What I like about this attraction is the fact that it is up high, on the second or possibly third floor!  When you move  your rocket to the highest point, you can see so much of the Magic Kingdom!  A sight you can't get while on Dumbo.

Another great alternative for you is The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  These carpets are located in Adventureland near the Jungle Cruise.  Again, you sit in your carpet, go around a central hub and you can maneuver your carpet to go up and down.  A plus to this attraction is that there is a front and back 'seat' to your carpet.  One seat controls your carpet going up and down while the other seat controls if your carpet tilts forward or not.  That's another bonus to this attraction.  If you have 2 kids, they can each be "in control" of something.  Another fun part of this ride is the camels.  Watch out!  They spit!

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