Friday, June 7, 2013

Splash Around at Disney Parks

Besides the water rides in the parks, the splash pads for kids and the typical Florida afternoon shower, there are several ways you can get wet and splash around at Disney Parks!

Everyone must visit one of the two water parks at Walt Disney World: Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.  Both are amazing and very different from one another.   At Typhoon Lagoon you can visit the world's largest surf pool.  This is more than a wave pool- you can actually SURF in it!  It's crazy fun!  You can also snorkel with sharks, float down the 2,100 feet long Castaway Creek, enjoy the water slides or drop down Humunga Kowabunga.  This has a 214 foot long, 51 foot drop!  Hold on to your swim trunks!

At Blizzard Beach you can fly down Summit Plummet, literally!  You can reach speeds up to 60 MPH as you drop 12 stories on a 120 feet slope that is 360 feet long!  At Tike's Peak your little ones can enjoy the water and the entire family can enjoy the Steamboat Springs raft ride.  If you enjoy floating and lounging, spend your day in the 3,000 foot long Cross Country Creek.

A very unique way to splash around at WDW is to participate in a park tour at The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot.  Here you can interact with dolphins at "Dolphins in Depth," a 3 hour water experience with 30 minutes spent in a pool with dolphins.  Or you can enjoy "Dive Quest" where guests explore the coral reef in the 5.7 million gallon salwater aquarium.  You will be able to see more than 6,000 sea creatures and 70 aquatic species.

If spending a day at a water park or participating in a park tour isn't your thing, or you don't want to spend the extra money or you don't have an extra day to do this, just visit your resort pool!  Disney has over 152 unique pools at their resorts.  These pools are some of the best themed pools I've ever seen!  The newest pool at WDW is the 360,000 gallon "Big Blue Pool" at Art of Animation that is a Finding Nemo theme.  One unique part of this pool is the underwater sound system that lets you hear the characters from the movie as if they are talking to you underwater!

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