Thursday, August 1, 2013

15 Things to Pack for Disney

Over the years we have created an extensive list of things to take with us, but these are fifteen things we must pack for Disney. Some of the items are needed for the room, some for the kids and some for the parks. We've used them all at some point and I won't head to Walt Disney World without any of them now... until the kids get older and outgrow a few!
  1. Dish Soap. If I can't find a travel size bottle, I pour some from my kitchen sink into a travel size shampoo bottle. These are great for washing refillable mugs, popcorn buckets, sippy cups, bottles, and more. I typically use a hotel wash cloth for a dishrag.
  2. Laundry Detergent. Some people refuse to wash clothes while on vacation, but others insist. I fall in between! If you choose to wash clothes, pack your own soap. I like to scoop out powder detergent into ziplock bags. Or you can try the Tide pods!
  3. Clorox Wipes. Having kids who take tub baths, I like to use Clorox Wipes to wipe down the tub before we use it. These are also nice to have around to wipe down other "germy" areas in the room: remote controls, telephone receivers, door knobs, and toilet handles.
  4. Nightlight. Our nightlight has come in handy so many times! It allows me to check on the kids during the night without turning on a lamp or overhead light. It helps the little ones navigate the room to find the potty. It assures us there are no monsters under the bed! :)
  5. Noise Machine. We have found this especially helpful at the Value Resorts. A noise machine helps block out the outside noise and neighbor noise so we can get a better nights rest.
  6. Over the door shoe holder. When we travel with all 5 of us, our bathroom stuff can get a bit out of hand! We have found that using the clear shoe holders over the bathroom door help hold all the toiletries, medicines, brushes, sunscreen, etc. Each family member gets a row of their own to stash all their belongings with one extra row on top for community items!
  7. Power Strip. I travel everywhere with one of these since I take so many electronics with me. With a power strip, we are able to charge cell phones, lap tops, Kindles and camera batteries all at the same time. In the morning, we aren't going all over the room locating each item since they are all charging together. 
  8. Skirt Hangers. When I buy a skirt or pants that come on a hanger with clips I save them for travel. We use these to clip on wet swim suits, clothes and towels. We are able to hang them on the shower rod or in the closet to dry several items at once.
  9. Scissors. I forgot these one trip and didn't realize how many times we used them! Scissors were used to clip off stray stings on clothing, clip tags off new toys and clothes, open new toy packaging, trim bandaids to cover blisters, etc. 
  10. Ponchos. I hate spending money on ponchos at Disney, so we buy several cheap plastic ponchos from the drug store before we go. They usually run $1 a piece, so picking up 10 doesn't break the bank.
  11. Glow sticks. At night in the parks my boys love having glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, or anything else that glows! I've found these at the dollar store in the past and stocked up! We also enjoy passing them out to other kids waiting on parades and fireworks.
  12. Ziplock Bags. We bring these in all sizes. We use them to hold extra clothes for the kids, snacks, small toys, leftovers, and items we don't want to get wet when we go in the parks. During travel, we pack the kids clothes in gallon ziplock bags, our liquid toiletries go in quart bags and paper products (napkins, cups, plates, plasticware) all go in ziplock bags.
  13. Sharpie Pens. I write names on everything at Disney! Refillable mugs, leftover snacks, and new toys. I've written my cell phone # on my kids arm before and we use them for autographs from the characters. I personally like the Sharpie Mini Markers that fit on a key ring- then they hang on my backpack for easy access.
  14. Plastic Stroller Cover. If you still have a stroller, consider buying a plastic rain cover, which I highly recommend! If you don't want to spend the money on one of these, try buying a clear shower curtain liner to drape over your stroller to keep everything dry.
  15. Ribbon. The widest, brightest, most obnoxious ribbon you can find is best! Use this to tie on the handle of your stroller so you can find it among all the other strollers when you exit a ride.
What am I missing?  What items must you pack for Disney that may not be on a traditional packing list?


  1. I just came across your blog this morning! I'm so excited. I'm subscribing to it by email! I'm a huge Disney Dork and I haven't thought of some of these ideas! Great Blog!

  2. We always bring mini m&m containers. Those little tubes are the perfect size to hold pennies and quarters for the penny press machines.

    Great post! I'm going to use some of these ideas.

  3. We always take Disney window clings to put on our hotel room windows. It adds to the fun and makes it easier to spot your room!!

  4. We always take Disney window clings with us to hang on our hotel room window. It adds to the fun and makes it easier to spot your hotel room.

  5. Love your list! I bring the same things. The only thing I would suggest is that if you are bringing a sharpie for character autographs, bring a regular size sharpie that retracts like a bic pen. There is no lid to keep track of, and the characters have an easier time writing with them. Oh, and I also bring the wire hangers from dry cleaner, and throw away when I leave. Like to have as much hanging as possible, just easier for me to locate things. We have visited Disney at Christmas and also pack hand warmers to stick in our gloves in the early a.m. and p.m. One year it didn't get really cold until our last day as we were checking out. At the Wilderness Lodge the bag check cast members work outside in the cold. We left all our handwarmers with them and they were thrilled. I have also seen people put xmas lights in their resort windows all times of year to find room at night quickly.

  6. I take a vinyl tablecloth for parades and fireworks. Not only does it save our space you don't have to sit on the hot, dirty pavement!
    We have 3 kids and Disney can get expensive so we put $50-$100 in an evelope per kid and thats their spending $ for souvenirs and candy! Its been so helpful in teaching them the to budget their own $ and not ask us for everything!