Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Lion King on Broadway

Back in July I was able to spend several days in New York City with my husband and my youth group.  We had an amazing time seeing the city and studying at the United Nations Church Center, but I think my favorite part of the trip was the night we saw The Lion King on Broadway.  The show is in the Minskoff Theatre on W 45th St.  The theatre itself is magnificent with it's views of Times Square from the second floor windows and the displays in the lobby.  But the actual show will leave you breathless! 

Below are the different displays you can see before entering the theatre.  I love Rafikki's costume!  It's my favorite.  But honestly, all of the costumes and puppets are pretty amazing.  I just wish I could have gotten better pictures- but the glare from the huge windows messed me up! 

Rafikki (L), Mufassa, Sarabi and Simba (R)

Scar (L), Pumba puppet (R)

Ed (L) and Lioness (R)

Rafikki (L) and Simba puppet (R)

If you are familiar with Disney's movie, The Lion King, you'll find the theatre version bring the movie to life.  Everything about this show is amazing!  The opening scene, "Circle of Life" brings me to tears every time- and I've seen this show 3 times now!  The costumes, sets, lighting, props and story are all wonderful.  The creativity behind the costumes making the humans appear to be animals is genius.  The use of lights and puppets to help tell the story helps bring the creative level of this show to the top.  

What I like best about this show is that it's appropriate for almost everyone.  I would have taken my 4 year old son to see this show without any hesitation.  My 13 year old son and 40 year old husband would also enjoy this show.  Besides infants and toddlers, I can't think of an age who shouldn't see this show!  It's happy and family friendly- something we need more of in our society these days.
I give this show a 10 out of 10!  It's my favorite Disney Broadway Show of the following that I have seen: Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Tarzan, The Lion King, Aida, and Peter Pan.  Thanks Disney, for providing another outstanding option for families to enjoy together!


  1. Ooh, I love the Lobby. I have seen it in Boston and Providence, but not NYC.

  2. I am so jealous. I have never seen it even off Broadways. Bould not imagine how wonderful it was on Broadway.

  3. I saw Lion King when it came to Austin. I would love to see a Disney musical in New York

  4. Pictures are great even with the glare, beautiful pieces. We haven't had the chance to see Lion King on Broadway yet.

  5. It sounds fantastic Beth!! Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing them.

  6. Oh Beth that sounds fantastic! I need to get into the city and see this!