Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Hidden Mickeys

Search for Hidden Mickeys while you are on your Disney vacation! According to Wikipedia, a "Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction, or other location in a Disney theme park, Disney properties, movie or other Disney product. The most common Hidden Mickey is a formation of three circles that may be perceived as the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse, often referred to by Disney aficionados as a 'Classic Mickey'." 

If you need some help with this, check out this site!

What's your favorite Hidden Mickey at WDW?


  1. That is a lot of ears and shirts, wow. Our family definitely helps contribute to this.

  2. That's all??? LOL! I'm sure we'll add to those purchases next month!

  3. My husband, daughter and I LOVE looking for hidden Mickeys! Makes our trips that much more exciting when we find them.