Friday, September 13, 2013

Finding Nemo First Birthday Decorations

Finding decorations for a Finding Nemo party was harder than I thought!  I could have gone with the character cups, plates and napkins from the party store, but I wanted something a little different and not so "purchased" feeling.
After searching for Finding Nemo fabric at four different fabric stores to use as a table cover, I came to realize, they didn't have it and I would have to come up with another idea.  The best I could think of was to use a white sheet (since I didn't have a white table cloth) and three different colors of tulle fabric- white, light blue and medium blue. I figured it may resemble water somewhat!  I was able to find Nemo ribbon at Wal Mart, so I used it to tie the ends together.
Once I had decided on the table cover, it was time to tackle the rest of the decor.  Balloons were a must and we found blue paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby that reminded me of bubbles.  I also found light blue napkins, orange chevron patterned dinner plates and orange forks.  My favorite free finds were the Nemo pattern for the Birthday banner (from Mouse Ears Mom) and the Nemo posters framed on the table.  I did pay to print the posters on 5x7 photo paper.  Luckily we had the Nemo and Dory stuffed animals from one of our past Disney trips.


The last part of the decorations were actually the monthly photos I took of Big E as he progressed through his first year of life.  I did add some foam fish stickers to the acrylic frames with the month written on them.  I know it was redundant to write the month since he's wearing a month sticker on his shirt for each photo, but it helped tie in with the Nemo theme! :)

And yes, there is more to come!  I'll share the food, activity and family pictures next! :)


  1. Such a great idea! and I love the monthly photo display of pictures.

  2. Ok, the table cloth idea is too cool. I am going to have to remember that trick.

  3. Such cute decorations! I love how you made some of your own decorations so it doesn't look like everything came from a party store. The photo display is great!

  4. These party decorations look awesome. I'm sure it was a great first birthday. My grandson is turning two next month and I want to throw him a party. I'm sure he would love a theme like this.

    Susan Hirst |