Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finding Nemo First Birthday Party Food

We've covered the Etsy purchases for this party and the decorations.  Now it's time for the food.  Most of the inspiration for this party, especially the food, came from my Pinterest Board!
I am very lucky that my mother can bake a mean cake and do some awesome decorating.  She made and decorated all of my birthday cakes growing up and I'm honored that she can do it for my boys now!  The Nemo cakes were adorable and delicious!  As always, chocolate cake with white icing! :)  Big E loved his baby "smash cake!"  Those pictures will be in a future post...
 Since this party was family only and we had it start at 11:00am, we decided it would be kind if we served lunch.  Since it was Nemo themed, we had "Submarine Sandwiches."  I made a deli tray and let everyone make their own sandwich rather than make them ahead of time and have everyone pick off the things they didn't want.  I wanted to tie in the "Nemo touched the butt" somehow, but couldn't figure out how.  So we just settled with Submarines.  It was still nautical.
The sides to the sandwiches were pasta salad, fruit salad and goldfish- and lots of them!  I used seashell pasta and called it "Pearl's Pasta Salad."  My husband didn't even realize that octopus had a name.  For the fruit, we decided to try to make a shark out of the watermelon.  It turned out OK, but the fin looked more like a mow hawk, so we took it off!  So we served "Bruce's Fruit Salad."  For the goldfish we had 7 different flavors and they could pick and choose what they wanted from the "Goldfish Bar." I also threw in some Finding Nemo gummy snacks, for good measure!

 For the food tents, I used the scrapbook paper purchased from Etsy and added some Nemo stickers found at Hobby Lobby in the "old school" scrapbook section!  This was my first attempt at this type of craft and I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome.  

Next up- our activities and family shots!


  1. Stealing some of these ideas for our Disney movies nights for our Countdown to Disney! Hope you don't mind;)

  2. I love how Bruce is eating fruit instead of fish. Fish are friends, not food!

  3. What a beautifully, themed party! That's so great that your mother is keeping the tradition and making your sons their birthday cakes!

  4. How fun! Though I a bit afraid of taking any fruit from Bruce. Thanks for linking it to the hop this week!

  5. Could you tell what all the types of fish were for the goldfish bar and what you used? thanks!

    1. Yes! I honestly went to several grocery stores in our town and bought as many different types of goldfish crackers I could find. They had graham cracker, traditional, chocolate, smores, nacho cheese, Princess (pink ones), birthday cake, etc. I also got a bag of Swedish fish gummy candy. The "fish bowls" we're actually from dollar tree. They may technically be vases! Hope this helps!