Monday, September 2, 2013

WDW Must Have Monday: Photographs

When I first thought about writing about my "must have photographs" at Walt Disney World it included the obvious- pictures of my kids, characters, icons, etc.  Then I starting thinking about the "must have photographs for Disney bloggers."  That list was quite longer!  So, my list today is going to be must have pictures and photograph tips.
Videoing Wishes
For the average family visiting Disney:

  • Take pictures of your family in front of each Disney Weenie (park icon).
  • Take a picture of the hotel where you're staying.
  • Take a picture of park signs- family members optional!
  • Take pictures with characters.
  • Take pictures of parades and shows.
  • Take pictures after water rides!
  • Take pictures on rides if possible.
  • Take pictures of places/ attractions that were memorable for your family.
  • Take candid pictures and posed pictures.
  • Have a photopass photographer take a picture with YOUR camera too.
For a Disney blogger:
  • EVERYTHING!  You never know when you'll need "that picture" for a blog post!
  • Take pictures of each aspect of your resort: parking, lobby, gift shop, arcade, pools, playgrounds, restaurants, your room, room amenities, the outside, the resort sign, etc.
  • Take pictures of each shop/ restaurant you visit- inside and outside.
  • Take pictures of all modes of transportation.
  • Take pictures of cast members in uniform doing their job.
  • Take pictures of attractions, signs, queues, fastpass kiosks, wait time signs and while on the attraction.
  • Take pictures of ALL food you eat that is purchased from Disney.
  • Take pictures of all parades, shows, fireworks and performers.
  • Take pictures of the landscaping, plants and benches.
  • Take pictures of characters.
  • Take pictures of the live animals (birds, etc) wandering around the park.
  • Take pictures of as many hidden Mickeys you find.
  • Take pictures of seasonal decorations and special events.
  • Take pictures of park guests- crowd sizes, crowds exiting/ entering, crowds in ponchos, crowds in line, crowds with strollers, etc.
  • Take pictures of your family.  
  • Have someone take pictures with YOU in them!
Keep your camera(s) handy during your entire vacation!  I always have my DSLR camera around my neck and my point and shoot in my pocket... and I still miss things!

What are your must have photos while at Disney?  I'd love to hear in the comments!


  1. We leave for WDW in 17 days, and I have my picture list ready. One picture that I'm making a priority on this trip is a picture of me with the gloomy looking bellhops at Tower of Terror. I could really have fun with that one!

  2. =My must have is driving under the purple gates.

  3. Yep, that's right! Add in taking photos of all menus, light fixtures, and benches and you have it!

  4. FOOD! I always forget food pictures. My favorite pictures to take are trash cans and the mens/womens signs on the bathrooms. On my next trip I'm going to start taking pictures of doors.

  5. What a great list! And you carry 2 cameras?! I'm confused which camera I want to take for our next trip, but hadn't considered the possibility of taking both! I'm just such a wimp and the DSLR gets SO heavy!

  6. Terrific list! It is so important not to miss a single moment not only for the blog but for your families vacation memories. It's so much fun to look back and remember all the little details.

  7. You have definitely covered most of them, but we are always looking for hidden Mickey's and any interesting pics from out people watching :-)

  8. This is pretty much true. I went on a 4 day solo trip recently and came back with over 400 photos and videos....

    Disney changes things so often I want to document everything so I can remember it when it's gone later!