Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stop asking "How Much Longer?!"

When we travel to Walt Disney World, we drive.  It's a fairly easy drive: 3 hours to Atlanta, 3 hours to the GA/ FL state line and 3 hours to Walt Disney World.  Then you throw in gas, food and stretch breaks- it can take longer than 9 hours!

With three boys, we always hear the following questions:

  • "Are we there yet?" 
  • "How much longer?"
  • "When will we get there?"
  • "How many more hours?"
You get the point.  It gets old.  It doesn't matter if we are traveling 9+ hours to Walt Disney World or if we are traveling 30 minutes to the next town, we get those questions.  So, I came up with a way to show our youngest boys "How much longer."

We now have a laminated road that can be taped across the sun visors in our car.  Along that road, I taped laminated pictures of the cities, landmarks and state lines we'll pass in route.  I also printed and laminated a picture of our Honda Pilot.  As we travel, we'll move the car along the road to the landmark pictures.  It will serve as a visual for our boys to see just how far we have traveled and how much more we have in our drive.  I tried to include something for every hour of the trip, so we could move the car about every 30 minutes from one picture, to a blank space, to the next picture.

I hope this visual road map will help our middle son!  The car questions are killing me! :)


  1. What a great idea! I wouldn't mind driving so much if I didn't have a newborn now. It would be an 18 hour drive for us and there would totally have to be an overnight hotel stay somewhere in there. Flying is so expensive though! We could save a huge amount of money if we drove!

  2. Where did you get such a fabulous idea, Beth? It's so clever! I wish I had thought of this years ago. My kids are fairly good travelers. Ashley was probably the worst for asking "Are we there yet?" and now she LOVES traveling and road trips! In fact, when we suggest flying, she always begs to drive! Silly girl!

  3. That is awesome, Beth! I love it! I wish we lived closer to Walt Disney World. It is a 27 hour drive for us, so our timeline would circle the entire inside of the car. :-) Our next road trip, I am absolutely doing this for our kids! Thanks for sharing!

  4. We have just started to get that from the back seat. I love this idea but I can just see Little Man now negotiating with us on where we REALLY are. :)