Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Laundry Basket Baths at Disney

When we travel to Walt Disney World, we drive majority of the time.  Since we drive, we usually pack too much stuff- mostly food for breakfast in the room, late night snacks after a full day in the parks and snacks while we are in the parks.  

To carry all these snacks and to keep them somewhat organized in the hotel room, I choose to bring them in a laundry basket.  It's easy to pack in the back of the car and carry them all in one trip.

Since having a baby, I've learned that the transition from baby tub to "big" tub is hard.  The solution that's worked for us is to bathe the baby in a laundry basket!

So, the next time to drive to Walt Disney World with a toddler, consider bringing some of your stuff in a laundry basket and using the basket as a tub! :)  Plus it keeps your kids bum from sitting on the "dirty" bathtub!!

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  1. We have used this!! When our boys were small, we were on the road every 6 weeks or so. They came everywhere with us! The laundry basket always seemed to be the most efficient way to cart our baby "stuff", and then wash the baby!! (Such a terrific photo too!)