Friday, November 29, 2013

General Mills Cereal Includes Star Wars Pens

Last week, I shared with you the exciting news that select General Mills Big G cereals were going to have a Star Wars pen inside the box!  Our family was fortunate enough to get a package from General Mills complete with a 2 boxes of cereal, Trix and Lucky Charms, and all 8 of the Star Wars Collector Pens!   
We got our 2 boxes of cereal along with a "gift" that contained 7 of the 8 pens.  My son was disappointed when we didn't get the Clone Trooper in the package.  But, when we opened the boxes of cereal, we found the Clone Trooper in the Lucky Charms and a second Yoda in the Trix!  Our set was complete and we had one happy boy in our house!  Yes, all 8, 9 pens now reside in his bedroom and we are not allowed to use them.

In addition to the pens, we were excited about the actual cereal boxes. There are three different "backs" to the cereal boxes.  When you collect all three, you can put them together to complete a cockpit and use one of your pens as your copilot! On the back of the boxes we received we have box 1 & 2.  Now we need box 3!  

Thanks General Mills for including us in this promotion.  We look forward to eating lots of Big G cereals in the next month, because as C-man says, "We NEED more Star Wars pens!"

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