Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kill, Refurb, Marry- Crescent Lake Restaurants

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and Melissa from Mouse on the Mind decided to take the popular game of "Kill, Do, Marry" and turn it into a WDW game of "Kill, Refurb, Marry."  I have lots of memories of playing "Kill, Do, Marry" with friends over the years, so this hop will be fun for me! :)

This week's topic is "Crescent Lake Restaurants."  I'll be
honest. I've only eaten at three restaurants along Crescent Lake, so this "game" will be pretty easy for me!  

Kill: Pizza Window
I don't even have a picture of this restaurant!  It's literally a window you walk up to and order pizza by the slice or pie on the Boardwalk.    I don't like cheese.  I know.  I'm a freak.  I'm not lactose intolerant   I just don't like cheese.  So when I can't custom order a pizza without cheese, I'm not always happy!  One plus to this window is the beer!

Refurb: Beaches & Cream 
Beaches & Cream is one of my favorite restaurants.  I first thought about "marrying" it, but decided to definitely refurb it... for size alone!   While the food, service and location are wonderful, it's just to dang small.  They have the tables set close together to try to fit more people in the restaurant which means you are just sitting that much closer to the other guests.  You also can't make reservations so there is always a wait.  Maybe if the restaurant was larger, the wait would be shorter!

Marry: ESPN Club
I would absolutely marry the ESPN Club!  Burgers, Beer and Sports.  What more can you want!  My hubby and I love all three so we're in heaven at this restaurant.  There is nothing I would kill or refurb about this!


  1. I agree with the refurb. Just needs a bit of love.

  2. I've never been to the boardwalk at Disney before! Hoping we make it there next week.. I've heard great things about beaches and cream!

  3. So the next time we are at WDW together we're heading to the ESPN Club. :) I don't like the pizza window either. I love cheese but the one time I ordered a slice there it wasn't that great.