Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Star Wars Birthday Party "Party Favors"

Party Favors for the Star Wars Birthday Party were pretty easy.  I made "pool noodle Light Sabers" for each kid to use in our Jedi Training, so those were the first favor.  Directions to come!

They also received their Jedi Training Certificate and the candy "loot" from the pinata.  We also had the "asteroid hunt" in the house.  The asteroids were made by filling a small Easter egg with nerds and wrapping it in aluminum foil (see below).  

As each child left the party, we gave them a Star Wars character cookie (made from the Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters, which are still on sale!) wrapped in a cellophane bag with green "grass".  I also was lucky enough to find Light Saber candy in the $1 bins at Target back in the fall.  Each kid got one of those too.  

If I had had my way with time and money, I would have purchased material to make each kid their own Jedi Robe... but I didn't, so nobody got one of those!  But, there are great tutorials out there if you ever want to make a quick, easy, cheap Jedi robe! :)

Part 1: Invitations
Part 3: Food
Part 4: Decorations
Part 5: Party Favors


  1. Can you share the template for the certificate? Thanks!

    1. I would love to, but I made each certificate individually with digital scrapbook software. I don't know how to share it... I can only share the image of the finished product. :( If I had a template in an editable program, I'd be happy to share.