Thursday, February 6, 2014

Epcot Attractions: Innoventions

Innoventions opened in Epcot in1994 in the area that was once known as Communicore.  Innoventions is located on both sides of Future World: Innoventions East (Test Track side) and Innoventions West (The Land side).  Inside Innoventions, you will experience anything from computers to healthy lifestyles from vendors who have partnered with Disney.  You will find games, hands on activities, movies and cast member demonstrations to help you interact with the exhibits.   These exhibits do change regularly, so check your park maps and the Disney web site for additional information. 

Innoventions West Exhibits:
  • Where's the Fire?- presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance.  Here you can find fire hazards in a house, see a 30 foot fire truck, answer questions and explore the Play It Safe maze.
  • THINK- presented by IBM.  Here, you THINK about the world differently and find ways to make the world safer, more efficient and more sustainable.
  • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure- presented by T. Rowe Price.  This is an adventure that teaches you the importance of saving for a life goal.
  • Videogame Playground- Using the latest videogame technology, play some of your favorite games!
Innoventions East Exhibits:
  • Stormstruck- presented by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH).  Learn how to protect your home in severe weather. 
  • Habit Heroes- presented by Florida Blue and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  In this interactive adventure you'll learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Sum of All Thrills- presented by Raytheon.  Using math, science and engineering, you can design your own thrill ride!
  • VISION House- presented by Green Builder Media.  Through this experience, you can learn how to have a greener future.
  • Test the Limits Lab- presented by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.  Test household items for their safety through smashing, bashing, slamming and dropping items!
  • Take a Nanooze Break- presented by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation.  Examine the world around you on a nanometer scale using nanotechnology.  

  • Visit before your trip for a peek of Innoventions!  You can view exhibits, maps and photos.  
  • In Innoventions West, guests with a Disney Chase Visa credit card can enjoy a special character meet and greet away from the general public.  You can meet with 1-3 characters depending on availability. Guests must show their actual credit card to enter and each group will receive one complimentary 5 x 7 Disney PhotoPass photo.
  • "StormStruck is a simulation of a severe weather event that takes place in a dark theater and includes loud and unexpected noises. This attraction may be frightening to children." Parents may want to take advantage of "child swap" for this attraction.
  • Innoventions is a large place!  When it starts to rain, consider heading inside to get out of the rain.  There's room for lots!
  • Innoventions is LOUD and has a lot of stimulation.  You know your children best. If they don't do well in loud, over stimulated areas, you may want to pass on Innovations.
  • This attraction is suitable for all ages and guests in wheelchairs may stay in their chair or ECV.

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