Monday, February 17, 2014

Hall of Presidents {President's Day} Snack Craft

Last month I was looking through my Family Fun magazine (February 2014 edition) and found a cute, fun snack craft I wanted to do with my 5 year old.  He has been learning about the presidents at his school this year and often talks about them and asks questions about them- especially when it comes to faces on our money!  So, when I saw this activity, I knew he'd love it!  I also knew this would be a great way to have fun talking about a "not so fun for kids attraction" at Walt Disney World; The Hall of Presidents! 

Once we gathered our supplies, we started reading the instructions in the magazine (below) and began working.  

Using the toothpicks to add icing to the cookies was hard for this 5 year old!  I had to do that part.  I also chose to cut off part of the top of Abe's cookie head so the "stovepipe hat" would sit flush against his head instead of balancing on the top.  He looked a lot better once we "cut off his head" according to C-man!

 Can you guess which cookies I made and which ones C-man made?! ;)

We had a great time making these cookies and talking about these two presidents.  I think I'll keep this idea in the back of my mind for this fall.  We'll revisit this activity before our next trip to help build excitement for the Hall of Presidents!  Maybe we can come up with additional presidents to create out of candy, icing, chocolate chips and marshmallows!


  1. Beth these are adorable!! Looks like you had fun creating them too.

  2. Such a great idea!! I love this!! Just perfect for February. :)