Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shorts Saturday: Five Disney Songs on My Playlist

Today I'm linking up with Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere! This week's Shorts Saturday's topic is Five Songs on my Playlist. This is actually hard to keep SHORT!! So instead of listing my top 5 songs in different genre's I'll stick to what I love most:


Here are my top 5 (for right now) Disney songs. {Disclaimer, this list is able to change at any moment in time...}
1. Let it Go~ Frozen
2. When Will My Life Begin~ Tangled
3. The Best Time of Your Life~ Carousel of Progress
4. Roll Up the Map~ Jake and the Neverland Pirates
5. S.I.M.P. Squirrels in my Pants~ Phineas and Ferb

And now, my 5 year old, C-man's list. {Which also tends to change at the drop of a hat...}
1. Let it Go~ Frozen
2. Princess Things~ Sophia the First
3. Imperial March~ Star Wars
4. You've Got a Friend in Me (Para el Buzz Espanol)~ Toy Story 3
5. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Theme


  1. Great choices! Let it Go is on mine too. It's also my ringtone!

  2. I love that Star Wars made your list. Mine is in flux as well. Thanks for joining us!

  3. Great songs on both lists! Love that CD set!