Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disney Invitations through Punchbowl.com

I love a good party!  Especially if it's Disney Themed!  We have had our share of Disney parties: Toy Story, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Star Wars, Finding Nemo and our upcoming #DisneySide (Magic Kingdom themed) party.  I'm a traditionalist.  I like to print my invitations and mail them to my guests.  I remember how excited I was as a kid to get mail.  My boys still get excited when they get mail.  I think children like getting mail out of the mailbox.  An email- not so much!  

But did you know 57% of moms say they prefer to send online invitations that feature characters that their kids love?  Maybe because it's easier.  Maybe because it's cheaper.  Maybe because they aren't creative! 

Now these moms have a great resource in Punchbowl!  Punchbowl is the leader in party planning and they have introduced The Disney Digital Invitation Collection — exclusive, free digital invitations created in collaboration with Disney.  As the exclusive provider of digital invitations for Disney’s Spoonful.com, Punchbowl presents digital invitations that will bring magic to any celebration!  The Disney invitations feature your favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, Toy Story, Cars and more!  You can see the collection at www.punchbowl.com/disney.

Even being a "traditionalist" when it comes to invitations, I did go to the Punchbowl site and started designing my own digital invitations for a fictitious party.  I can say the experience was great!  It was easy to navigate the web site, choose my design and enter the details of the party.  
Once I chose my invite and added the details I was given several other options to customize:
  • Is this a potluck party?  Will everyone bring food to share?
  • Is there a gift registry to link to?
  • What are the invitation response options- number attending, can the invite be forwarded, etc?
  • Do you want to link it to social media?
  • Can others see the guest list and who is coming?
  • How do you want to customize the RSVP?

While I probably wouldn't use these invitations for my children's birthday party, I would definitely use it for an adult get together!  It was easy, concise and practical.  It allows you to customize so much you can make it work for any type of party: birthday, baby shower, wedding shower, adult party, etc.  

I will however visit Punchbowl for party supplies for our next Disney themed party!  They had some cute supplies that are cheaper than the supplies at a party store and if you order a certain amount, you get free shipping!  SCORE!       

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