Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World in Summer

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World during the summer?  I have one word for you... HOT!  We spent a few days at the world in July of 2012.  I was 32 weeks pregnant which made it feel even 50 degrees hotter!  I learned a lot on that trip though!  Here are five things you may want to consider packing to help you endure the Florida summer heat!

#5. Sunglasses- During the summer, sunglasses (or at least a hat with a wide brim/ bill) are a MUST!  The Florida sun can be brutal when there is no cloud coverage.  Even when it's not hot, sunglasses are nice to protect your eyes.  But, you should probably take them off from time to time to keep from getting "Raccoon Eyes!" 

#4. Sunscreen- Even when it's not summer, you should wear sunscreen daily.   But in the summer, when you are sweating, you need to bring the sunscreen with you into the parks so you can reapply.  Sunburn + Touring the Parks= Not Fun!

#3. Washcloth- We used these during our entire trip in July.  We didn't actually pack these, we bought them in the gift shop.  We would wet the washcloths in the bathrooms to wipe off our brow or wrap around our necks.  These were a lifesaver!  If you travel with a small cooler containing an ice pack you can store the wash clothes in there and when you pull them out they are nice and cool.

#2. Ponchos- These are needed all year in Florida, but on the hot days, it's nice to have a poncho to keep you dry during the summer showers.  After the rain, it's more humid outside and if it's humid and you are wet, you can feel quite miserable!

#1. Small Fan- Anytime it’s hot, a fan is nice to have.  We had small keychain size fans clipped on our backpack, but you can find larger fans attached to spray bottles at many stores that will help cool you off even more! :)

How do you keep cool on hot summer days at Walt Disney World?  


  1. Great tips! I need to remember to pack our misting fan for when Ashley and I go for a day in May. I really like the washcloth tip too - I've read this one before, but had forgotten about it.

    1. When we go this fall we'll have the little one with us. I will probably put wet washcloths in a ziplock bag and put them in a cooler on ice. It will help us all stay even more cool! :)