Saturday, March 29, 2014

"The Pirate Fairy" Products

On April 1st, you can own Tinker Bell's new movie "The Pirate Fairy" on DV and Blu-Ray.  This new adventure is full of laughter, heart, magic and thrills.  With this new movie comes a whole new line of Tinker Bell and friends Pirate dolls, dresses and more!  

Being a mom to three boys, I won't have a chance to ever play with these fairies, but being a mom to boys does mean lots of Pirates!  I love the idea of combining the two, Fairies and Pirates!  While we have not seen the movie yet, I know when we do my boys will enjoy it... even if it is Fairies! ;)

Here are some of the new Pirate Fairy dolls, costumes and figures.
$29.99 at Target






In addition to the dolls and costumes, you can also find cute, sassy tween clothing with Tinker Bell images at JC Penney stores and   You can find tanks, dresses, tees and leggings that are available for a limited time.
$30.00 at JCP

$28.00-$158.00 from Le Sportsac

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