Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walt Disney World: My Home Away From Home

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When asked me to write about my home away from home, it was obvious what I was going to write about... Disney.  More specifically, Walt Disney World.  

My first trip to "the world" was in 1983.  At that time Walt Disney World only consisted of Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I was too young to appreciate Epcot, so Magic Kingdom was my favorite.  I could meet my favorite Disney friends, ride attractions featuring my favorite characters and totally immerse myself in fantasy at this park.  It was fabulous!  Not a care in the world!
1983                                                           1991

Several years passed and new parks opened.  While I loved and still love Animal Kingdom and MGM Hollywood Studios, there was just something special about Magic Kingdom.  I felt drawn to this park.  I don't know if it was the charm of Main Street USA, the excitement of Tomorrowland or the make believe of Fantasyland, but it just felt right.  It was where I belonged.  

2002                                                              2003

2006                                                           2008

2008                                                    2010

After about 15 trips to Walt Disney World, I decided I couldn't get enough of it!  I knew with our growing family, full time jobs and finances, I couldn't get to my "home away from home" whenever I wanted.   I had to find a way to bring this "home away from home" to my actual home!  That's when this blog, A Disney Mom's Thoughts, was born.  On March 20, 2010, I was able to bring my love of Disney into my home on a daily basis!  After almost 1,150 posts, I still get just as excited about talking to others about Disney as I did when I walked down Main Street USA for the first time in 1983!  

For me, there is something truly magical about the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World as a whole.  The way Imagineers have created a place where you can literally leave your worries behind and only focus on your family and the memories you are making is unbelievable.  When I'm at Walt Disney World, I honestly don't think about what's going on in the outside world.  I don't worry about what is going on at home or at the office.  All I can think about is the here and now.  I'm able to focus 100% on my kids and my husband and soak in the excitement.  I can't do that anywhere else.  When I'm other places, I still think about home, work, stressors, finances, my to do list, etc.  But not at Disney.  I can totally relax and feel at ease, at home.


    February, 2012

July, 2012

Right now we are planning our 20th Disney vacation.  There is so much excitement as we prepare to take Big E for the first time, not in utero! :)  I can't wait to share with him my "Home away from Home!"  I know C-man will be able to show him the ropes and all of us will make even more memories at our special place.  

Until then, I am counting the days until...

What did you write about this week?


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    1. awe! Thanks Beth. It was fun writing it and finding all the old photos! :)

  2. Happy Blogoversary Beth! I am so glad you share your love of Disney with us each day!!

    1. Thanks Deb! I'm thankful for friends like you who actually read my posts! ;)

  3. Great post! Disney is such a magical place!

  4. I agree!! I love that I have a community online who gets it too! :)